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September 13, 2023 by ABNER HÄUGE

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Last weekend on the 8th “Dr. Jones” (alias for anonymity) and some friends were in downtown Ventura to see Eyehategod. They were eating some pizza and drinking some beer as one does. Jones looked up and saw a strange group of people marching through the beer garden they were enjoying their time at.

“I saw a bunch of dorks in matching outfits, but the red face coverings are what really got my attention, then I noticed the giant eagle on the back of their shirt,” Jones told LCRW.

“Are those fucking Nazis?” Jones shouted.

The Nazis seig heiled at them.

Another patron ran up and pushed the Nazis. Jones jumped in to intervene, throwing some punches at the fascists.

“Before I knew it a whole grip of other people showed up to confront these nerds too,” Jones recalls.

Men with Nazi eagle shirts and red face gaiters and black boots getting run out of downtown. One carries a banner. The people following them are blurred out.
Clockwork Crew getting run out. Bystanders blurred out at request of source.

The Nazis, as per usual, had GoPro cameras and their phones out for filming any inevitable confrontations. But once they were outnumbered, they weren’t so eager to pick fights. They retreated the long way around the block. About ten people, Jones included, followed them back towards the beer garden.

“It was really only about 10-12 people chasing them but there were plenty of other people on the street yelling at them throughout the incident,” Jones said.

The Nazis had a banner with them, but likely never got an opportunity to unfurl it during their retreat. At the beer garden, police intervened. Police detained the Nazis for about 15-20 minutes but didn’t make them take off their face coverings or identify themselves.

“We dipped out when we heard [the police] let them go and said we started the altercation,” Jones recounts.

The Nazis themselves were part of Clockwork Crew, an “active club” that was formerly called Crew 562 (the area code for Long Beach.) Members sometimes participate in stunts with in the neo-Nazi Jackass-wannabe livestreamers Goyim Defense League. Its leader and another member were recently identified as US military members. The group also has ties to the “Church of Aryanity” cult. “Active clubs” are modeled after Rise Above Movement (RAM), a Southern California-based neo-Nazi gang that focuses on fitness and street fighting—or, rather, filming and selectively editing themselves working out and brawling as a recruitment tool.

“Their goal of marching down the length Main Street was stopped one half of a block in,” Jones concluded.


Abner Häuge (they/them) is a journalist and you can’t say they’re not because they got a Master’s from UC Berkeley’s Journalism School. After better journalist @desertborder texted them a hilarious screenshot of a Fox News segment, they spent all night memeing ‘ATTACK AND DETHRONE GOD’ and it became their catchphrase. You can usually find them in the bisexual aisle of the supermarket stocking up on Pocari Sweat for the boog.


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