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  • EDITOR'S NOTE : Eli Knesol is a Las Vegas-based investigative journalist. You can follow them on Twitter here and support them on Cashapp here.

    “Come on, bitch!” a man with a long pole adorned with a yellow “Don’t tread on me” flag says to an off-camera group. The man with a pole is part of a group of thirty or so antivaxxers/anti-maskers/anti-CRT protesters or whatever the right wing rabble riled up by conspiracy theories and racist rhetoric wants to call itself these days. The people filming are a collection of antifascists and journalists, including LCRW’s correspondent, who went to observe them standing in the middle of the street in a residential neighborhood as they shouted at the house where a Clark County official lives.

    “Fuck your momma, you fucking [n-word] motherfucker!” another person off-camera says as the man unsuccessfully jabs his pole at an observer’s camera.

    “We’re here to have a peaceful protest. You guys are not!” a woman says into a bullhorn.

    The Clark County School District has been facing a lot of challenges lately: the firing of their Superintendent, Jesus Jara in a contentious 3-4 vote, (followed by a lawsuit, and his potential rehiring,) long overdo anti-racism policy finally rolling out, teachers and staff facing lack of access to healthcare. And while the district tries to sort out all these issues, fascist groups continue to relentlessly harass board meetings with nonsensical complaints and disruptive behavior. More notably, they’ve begun showing up at local politicians' homes as well.

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  • In our first installment on the Oath Keepers data dump, we met Ed Durfee Jr and Brett Wynkoop, respectively the membership director and system administrator for the Oath Keepers. When the organization was abruptly deplatformed in the wake of the Capitol riots on January 6, they worked night and day to get the website back online and restore the Oath Keepers' command and control network. Since then the Oath Keepers chat server has been taken offline, leaving many of them back where they were at the beginning of the year - isolated, angry, and alone.

    Founder Stewart Rhodes liked to boast that the Oath Keepers' membership numbered over 30,000. Yet only a few rallied to the call last spring. Out of 4500 granted access to their private chat by Wynkoop - or his more dashing online persona, John Paul Jones - fewer than 300 took up the invitation. And for those who did, it wasn’t always smooth sailing.

    Today, we examine what happened when Stewart Rhodes replaced the Florida state chapter leader a day after the Capitol riots. John Odell was supposed to bring stability to an organization in crisis, but instead he amassed a trove of social security numbers and concealed carry permits, and granted fully vetted membership status to a 17 year old boy.

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  • EDITOR'S NOTE :James Croxton is an independent journalist and editor of Double Sided Media. LCRW collaborated on this article with Double-Sided Media, where it’s published simultaneously. You can support them on Patreon and James on cashapp at $croxtonj. You can find DSM’s coverage of Kirk’s speech from Wednesday night here. On Oct. 27, Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA’s long-planned stop in Eugene for his college campus Critical Racism Tour took place at the Emerald Valley Golf Club in Creswell. Read more →

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