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    EDITOR'S NOTE : Waterspider has been filming the LA protest scene and is currently searching for work. Her Twitter is @waterspider__ and her Cashapp is $TWaterspider. Desertborder is an LA-based researcher who really, really hates fascism. You can find him on Twitter @desertborder. His Cashapp is $fuckgarcetti. James Stout is a San Diego-based journalist. His cashapp is $Jamesstout.

    After four years of amping up his followers on racism and conspiracy theories, Donald Trump brought followers to the Washington, DC, Wednesday, January the 6th. They marched on the Capitol building as Congress was voting to ratify the results of the election Trump lost and pretended was stolen from him. Trump supporters ransacked the building, posing for photos and live-streaming themselves along the way.

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    EDITOR'S NOTE : Fascist street brawler Gabriel Lebaron built TikTok fame through sheer posting volume. Now, he’s using his platform to promote himself as a far-right minicelebrity, while targeting femmes for violence throughout the greater LA area. And he’s also lying about his military record.

    Gabriel Anthony Lebaron’s third TikTok of the day took a dark turn.

    After posting a video of himself wearing a Christmas hat and holding a Baby Yoda toy, followed by a video of himself lip-syncing Calum Scott’s sappy, maudlin mega-hit “You are the reason,” Lebaron stitched himself into a TikTok with a woman wearing a hijab on an airplane.

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  • EDITOR'S NOTE : Owen Grady is a young journalist living in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. You can help us by paying him what you can at $velocinaptor on cash app.

    On Tuesday, November 3rd, Los Angeles Police Department preemptively announced a citywide tactical alert. L.A Sheriff’s Department had done the same the previous Sunday. Both law enforcement agencies were preparing for possible unrest during the election. Black Lives Matter Los Angeles hosted a celebratory all-day election viewing party which was interrupted when LAPD stormed in and violently apprehended 6 people for wearing all black.

    On Election Day, BLM LA hosted a ‘Marathon Party At the Polls’ at the Staples Center. Organizers of the event arrived at six a.m.; setting up a stage, refreshment tables, canopies, and a television. The mood was celebratory and energized. There had been months of ‘Get out to Vote’ and ‘March to the Polls’ rallies which resulted in hundreds of voters unifying to drop off mail-in ballots together. During the day, the group of about fifty danced and sang, while others voted in-person a few hundred feet away at the polling location. Los Angeles Police Department preemptively declared a tactical alert for election night and had every officer available.

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  • EDITOR'S NOTE : Owen Grady is a young journalist living in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. We’re trying to pay him $250 for his work here. You can help us by paying him what you can at $velocinaptor on cash app.

    Los Angeles sees itself as an idyllic melting pot. Every few miles is an entirely new community. Each town has its own individual culture and history. Many residents shelter in their own neighborhood’s bubble and have an unrealistic assumption that L.A. is free of racism and bigotry. But it’s right next door.

    Residents of Tujunga and neighboring La Crescenta know all too well of the city’s past as a hotbed of white supremacy within L.A. County. Others do not.

    Among various white supremacist groups in the area: Knights of The Ku Klux Klan, Atomwaffen Division, skinheads, Hells Angels, Peckerwoods.

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      by ABNER HÄUGE | Left Coast Right Watch

    Sunday Afternoon at Denny’s from Xavier Rotnofsky on Vimeo.

    On September 22nd, Harim Uzziel, a minor figure in the Trump/far-right protest scene in Southern California, held a meetup at a Culver City Denny’s. It seemed like it’d be a boring event where a dozen or so Trump supporters ordered chicken tenders, heard speeches and learned how to register voters.

    But it wasn’t.

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