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November 10, 2023 by ROBERT SANDS

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Tonight notorious NSBM group Engorge will headline what is billed as “The last Farmhouse show” alongside infamous pro-rape band The Mentors. The Mentors are known for their use of right wing and misogynist lyrics for shock value, dubbing their music “rape rock”. The show’s promoter is long-time neo-Nazi band booker Kyle Powell of KEP Productions.

The Mentors have long embraced fascist leanings. Original singer for the group, Eldon Hoke, took his stage name from Mussolini calling himself “El Duce” and a documentary about the band released in 2019 opens up with Hoke addressing a venue full of people and saying “everyone who likes to rape women say ‘sieg heil’.” In recent years they have taken to playing with groups who are more well established in far-right and hate music circles. Their 2017 tour  was even called the “the Anti-Antifa Tour.” For more on the Mentors, see the sidebar in our article here.

Powell, who LCRW previously covered, is a former USAF Airman and holds licenses related to security guard work. He runs KEP Productions, which books Nazi bands, and is the frontman of Engorge. Powell’s previous attempts at Nazi shows include booking Blue Eyed Devils, the Nazi band whose former bassist murdered six people in 2012 at a Sikh temple before police killed him.

LCRW reached out to GASHED, an L.A. area crust band on the bill who claim to be anarchists and feminists. They’ve previously played shows with The Mentors. GASHED did not respond to multiple requests for comment. The contact number they have listed for booking goes to the voicemail of a business called “Green Fuzz”.

Another one of the groups playing the on the 10th are “Perfidious Sin” whose drummer is in a band called Warlago with Mark Dilley, drummer for NSBM band Kushfrost and close friend of Powell. LCRW also previously covered Kushfrost.

The show is tonight at The Farmhouse in Pearlblossom, CA.


Robert Sands writes for LCRW about metal nazis and other such nuisances.


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