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    Following accusations by anti-vaccine protest organizers Telegram channel had been hacked, a rival faction is now denouncing the ‘Worldwide USA’ organizers and declaring all protests scheduled to take place across the US this weekend to be invalid.

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  • The organizational chaos around the ‘Worldwide USA’ anti-lockdown protests has taken a bizarre new turn. Following the recent delisting of state and regional groups from the national umbrella group, organizers are now attempting to right the ship, while accusing their co-admins of sabotage. In a statement posted to the Worldwide USA group on Telegram earlier today, ‘Gina’ a hitherto rarely seen administrator posted the following: _Dear Members, In July, we brought “Carolina Bonita” on board to help us oversee the state groups because she presented herself as someone with the right background and also trustworthy. Read more →
  • UPDATE 21 AUGUST 2021 11:55AM: After publishing this article with Ron Watkins’s lawyer Ty Clevenger’s initial comment, Clevenger emailed LCRW and updated his response, included below.

    Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters went into a secure room with a currently unknown man who took photos and video of voting machine passwords. Peters then handed the information to conspiracy theory promoter and former 8Chan/8Kun operator Ron Watkins. Watkins used video of the machines to promote Trump’s claims the 2020 election was stolen from him. He claimed the video showed a “whistleblower” from Dominion Voting Systems talking to another Dominion employee talking about how to remotely access the machines. But audio analysis of the video appears to show it’s actually Watkins and Peters talking on camera, which would mean Watkins participated in the breach of the voting machines.

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  • EDITOR'S NOTE : Waterspider has been filming the LA protest scene since last summer. Her Twitter is @waterspider__ and her Cashapp is $AWaterspider. Desertborder is an LA-based researcher who really, really hates fascism. You can find him on Twitter @desertborder. His Cashapp is $fuckgarcetti.

    After a series of batshit rallies in Hollywood last summer, SoCal QAnoners briefly quieted down–the Capitol riot and their widespread ban from social media had been disastrous for the movement. Unfortunately, it didn’t take them long to crawl back out of the woodwork.

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    EDITOR'S NOTE : Waterspider has been filming the LA protest scene and is currently searching for work. Her Twitter is @waterspider__ and her Cashapp is $TWaterspider. Desertborder is an LA-based researcher who really, really hates fascism. You can find him on Twitter @desertborder. His Cashapp is $fuckgarcetti. James Stout is a San Diego-based journalist. His cashapp is $Jamesstout.

    After four years of amping up his followers on racism and conspiracy theories, Donald Trump brought followers to the Washington, DC, Wednesday, January the 6th. They marched on the Capitol building as Congress was voting to ratify the results of the election Trump lost and pretended was stolen from him. Trump supporters ransacked the building, posing for photos and live-streaming themselves along the way.

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  • EDITOR'S NOTE : The cover photo was originally by Daniel V. You can support him at moneyyy.me/$danielvmedia. You can support him at @danielvmedia on Twitter.

    On Sunday I arrived in Corbett, Oregon at around 1:37 in the afternoon. I was determined to either disprove the rumors or find evidence of armed militia forming checkpoints, roadblocks, or patrolling the area. What I found instead, early in the afternoon still, was what looked like a “typical American family” pulled over to the side of the road with their emergency blinkers on.

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    The swelling crowd looms up and hits me psychically like a wave I couldn’t tell was too damn big.




    On every corner of Hollywood and Vine, the foam from an internet swell hisses in my ears. I can’t even hear their babble for the semi-coherent conspiracy theories they’re evangelizing. It’s just the wash of the crazy tide. It’s Ten in the fucking morning and it’s over 95 degrees out. There’s hundreds of people. They’re like a single amoebic life form bubbling and grasping everything they can around it. They ritualistically all cross from their street corners into the middle of the intersection when the lights turn red and parade around with all their banners and signs and flags.

    “SAVE THE CHILDREN. DESTROY THE PREDATORS,” one sign reads. “#PIZZAGATE,” another reads.

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