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Five days before last Christmas, a TikTok video went slightly viral. On the left side of the screen, a user navigated the Roku channel store, selected a channel, and installed it. They were greeted with videos about Kanye West’s recent spate of antisemitic speech, pedogate, and COVID-19 disinformation. On the right side, a middle-aged woman who went by the username “mama glock” demanded that her viewers “run–do not walk–run to your Roku” to check out a new channel. 

“The logo is a white rabbit going into a hole…and across the screen at the bottom it says The Red Pill Network,” mama glock said. The channel was called “Burrow.”

Burrow is the love-child of two veteran conspiracy nuts: 55 year old Walt Christian Horat of Conspyre.tv, and 33 year old Chace Allen Felix of DisclosureHub. Both mens’ other platforms aggregate far-right extremist and other conspiracy theory content. Horat and Felix tout Burrow as a “high-end redpill channel”—a curated and easily shareable stream of right-wing conspiracy theories and misinformation designed to radicalize people. As such, Burrow has categories for everything from anti-trans “groomer” lies to the usual antivaxx disinformation to lectures from conspiracy heavyweights like Bill Cooper.

But the channel is just the tip of the iceberg. LCRW’s investigation found the channel’s creators also facilitate another Roku channel with even more extreme content. Conspyre.tv,  hosts a wider selection of fringe content, including at least one neo-Nazi propaganda film. One of the creators also openly espouses antisemitic conspiracy theories on his Telegram channel while running a CBD grift. The other creator was once charged in a human trafficking case.


Burrow isn’t Horat’s first attempt to mass distribute conspiracy theory materials. He previously had a site called “Veritas World,” which he advertised with conspiracy theorists’ usual pitch: that the mainstream media is lying and holding secrets from you and his content has the real answers. He even linked to an archive of Q’s 8chan post in the footer of this site. 

Horat’s Twitter under the Veritas World News moniker was banned, and archives of his Gab profile indicate that he switched from that username to Conspyre.tv some time after July 8th, 2021–the last direct mention of the username from an archive of Horat’s posts. Horat’s Bitchute links back to Conspyre.tv and his deleted Twitter links to the abandoned Veritas World News site. Conspyre.tv’s domain history indicates that it was first registered in 2021 but historical records may be incomplete. While Burrow would later bill itself as a “high end” cache of redpills, Conspyre.tv opted for quantity over quality. By April 2022, Horat was hyping his channel in the Telegram channel for DisclosureHub, Chace Allen Felix’s conspiracy theory content farm. He claimed to have  “6TB of curated conspiracy content that I have collected to share with the world.”  

Horat was eager to get Felix and his followers to notice him—and for good reason. Felix had a large following eager to believe every conspiracy theory under the sun. Through DisclosureHub’s Telegram channel and associate social media profiles, Felix would share a plethora of his own and others’ conspiracy videos. The main DisclosureHub Telegram channel has nearly 90,000 subscribers at the time of writing. Felix’s (“professional” conspiracy-oriented, not personal) Tik Tok regularly receives views in the tens of thousands. Felix’s BitChute had nearly 28,000 subscribers–while Horat’s had only 52. Both men have a penchant for archiving and reposting extremist content. But Felix had amassed an audience. Horat hadn’t.

In July 2022, Horat posted that he could put Conspyre.tv on Roku. By August, he claimed it was up in beta form. The Roku channel was well-liked by his users, and it finally allowed him to get Felix’s attention.

Analysis of Horat’s projects on the software hosting site Github show Conspyre.tv and Burrow pull their video content from the same pool. Conspyre.tv is essentially a clearing house for conspiracy theorist films while Burrow is curated to appeal to the susceptible but uninitiated “normies.” For example, the neo-Nazi propaganda film Europa: The Last Battle appears on Conspyre.tv, but it wasn’t picked for Burrow for obvious reasons.

One of Horat's Truth Social posts regarding his Roku channels. It was posted on December 18, 2022. The post reads, "There's two. Burrow is front loaded with Disclosure Hub. Really calibrated for the normies."
One of Horat’s Truth Social posts regarding his Roku channels.

On Truth Social, Horat characterized the two Roku channels as existing on a spectrum. Burrow was “calibrated for the normies,” thanks to its DisclosureHub content. Presumably, the larger selection of content—including neo-Nazi propaganda like Europa: The Last Battle—on Conspyre.tv is meant for those already redpilled and searching for more extreme content.

A section of the script for Burrow lists categories curated by DisclosureHub, according to comments on GitHub left by Horat. Since both scripts use the same arguments in their “createOutput” functions, the playlist IDs from either channel are querying the same resource. In other words, both channels ask the same domain the same questions when requesting content, meaning that identical IDs in both scripts should and do produce the same playlist. 

Mama glock’s Tik Tok account disappeared shortly after the post. An archived version of her bio reads, “gonna use this bitch til they kick me off. Again.” But the video evangelizing Burrow did numbers before she was shut down. A snapshot from the day of the post shows it was shared almost 17 thousand times. Five days later, the video’s views jumped to 31,000. Likewise, the video’s likes had increased from 48,000 to 151,000. Google Trends shows that while interest was already picking up for Burrow before “mama glock”’s video was posted, it increased sharply afterwards.

Once it launched on December 5th, Burrow rapidly grew their viewership on Roku’s service, reaching over 300,000 installs by Christmas, and even making the viral rounds outside those spheres. Mama glock’s (now-deleted) TikTok promoting the channel reached over 12 million views and Burrow-relevant Google searches skyrocketed soon after. Throughout the channel’s early days, Felix urged his followers on Telegram to support Burrow by spreading the word, installing the channel onto families’ Rokus, buying new Rokus as gifts, and instructing them with messages like “NEVER STOP REDPILLING THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU.” His advertisements were usually followed by video instructions on how to repost content and avoid content flags, and what conspiracy documentaries he recommends to clip from.

This graph of channel engagement is supposedly from Burrow's back end. Parameters are visible: it's displaying one week, it's breaking that down by day, and it's tracking US viewers. There is hardly any growth from Friday, December 16th until the 19th. There, visitors increases nearly seven-fold, and viewers increases nearly five-fold.
This graph of channel engagement is supposedly from Burrow’s back end. It tracks visitors and viewers. These variables are represented by lines that rise or fall. Both lines hardly rise from December 16th until the 19th, where both lines rise by tens of thousands. 

It’s difficult to confirm Felix’s numbers, but Burrow did indeed see substantial growth. SimilarWeb, a site that ranks domains by popularity, indicates significant growth in visits to Consypre.tv’s website following the launch of the Conspyre.tv Roku channel. While data from December isn’t available as of this writing, “Conspyre.tv’s global ranking has increased from 2,678,575 to 960,275” from September to November

Users of DisclosureHubChat affirmed the impact of Burrow. In response to Felix sharing positive feedback, one user wrote, “I live on fixed income but if I ever get extra money from anywhere I plan to send you a portion for sure. Never stop speaking truth!”

CHACE “six9unit” FELIX

An October 10th 2022 Telegram message refers to Chace as Allen. One of his YouTube channels is named Allen GMG. The DisclosureHub Cash App is listed as belonging to one Allen Chace. Numerous court documents refer to Felix as “Chace A. Felix,” and Vermont birth records confirm one Chace Allen Felix was born in Essex in 1990. The listed father has been linked to Chace elsewhere. 

Chace Allen Felix produced music under the aliases Paper Chace and six9unit from 2009 until the mid-2010s. Felix claims he started writing music in 9th grade. In 2013, Felix was arrested for an indoor marijuana growing operation. By 2015, the six9unit YouTube channel hosted slideshows of parties he’d organized under his entertainment venture, VTVybe. That same year, he founded an electronics repair business in Vermont called VT Tech Wreck. He’s now pivoted to distributing 5G and COVID-19 disinfo and other conspiracy theory content.  

During the pandemic, Chace began an anti-lockdown organizing effort called VT Vault and started DisclosureHub, a website and Telegram channel that has since produced viral content that runs the gamut from COVID-19 misinformation to cloning conspiracy theories. Tech Wreck’s Facebook page is now just another hub where he re-posts COVID-19 misinformation. 

In 2022, Felix filed incorporating papers for Green Mountain Greenery, a CBD company. He took some half-hearted measures to hide his identity on Telegram–but  wasn’t consistent about it. He presented Green Mountain Greenery as a “sponsor” of DisclosureHub distinct from himself and otherwise tried to maintain some semblance of separation. 

Green Mountain Greenery’s incorporation papers revealed his full name, which yielded his social media accounts. As noted, he’s been posting music on YouTube and Facebook for some time, often using the Vermont area code in his names and graphic design.

He also filed incorporation documents for VT Tech Wreck. Both it and Green Mountain Greenery have addresses listed that are possible home addresses for Felix–one in Winooski and the other in Essex Junction. A video in which Felix reads signs on a 5G tower’s fence reveals the tower’s management company is located in Essex as well. 

Further, the address in Winooski possesses a distinctive window arrangement. These windows appear to match ones in videos from 2015 first posted on musical.ly and then on TikTok. The address in Essex Junction matches a Tik Tok posted in 2020, where the residence in view has the same paint color and siding, as well as the same style and color of trim.


Felix has a near-obsession with 5G, even posting about it on his personal and professional social media. On his personal Facebook page, a post attempts to link the COVID-19 pandemic to 5G. He reposts similar content on the VT Tech Wreck page, including a video where he approaches a tower’s fence to read the signage for his viewers.

Across his various platforms and accounts, Felix has made a Bible’s-load of claims about 5G. He claims they’re “weapons of war” and that they cause acute radiation syndrome. In the content from the EMR/RF DANGERS page from VT Vault, he claims that a multitude of symptoms are caused by 5G exposure and electromagnetic radiation, including, but not limited to: anxiety, schizophrenia, cancer, and the entire COVID-19 pandemic.

Felix has also attributed his own health issues to 5G and electromagnetic radiation. In a video titled “HOW I WAS SAVED (SERIOUSLY) FROM THE RECENT 5G ATTACK (ROLLOUT) AND SYMPTOMS,” Felix described his symptoms that he attributed to 5G and WiFi exposure. They include nausea, dizziness, headaches, and “watery poop.” He then claimed his symptoms were indicative of Acute Radiation Syndrome, an illness caused by a high dose of radiation penetrating the body in a short time. 

In reality, electromagnetic radiation does not become dangerous until it nears 3 million GHz. 5G cellular networks operate at 39 GHz at most. Despite this, Felix expressed certainty that his symptoms were relieved by a variety of silver-lined products. “This shit saved my life,” he said.

Felix’s 5G fears motivated the launch of a 5G-defense clothing brand, Quantame. In an unlisted YouTube video from May of 2022, he outlines a number of clothing products designed to insulate the wearer from 5G and Wi-Fi radiation. 

The terminology Felix uses is inconsistent, swapping between EMR, EMI, EMF, and radiation regularly. A scarf pictured in the video is referred to as a “EMF EMI Protection Headgear Scarf Blocking Radiation Wifi Bandana” by the caption. In the same video, Felix claims that the products he sells saved his dog’s life. 

He claimed that his dog’s panting and shaking could not be diagnosed by veterinarians, but wrapping his dog in silver-threaded fabric alleviated it. He said that “I know they’re attacking my dog with frequencies.” He did not specify who he thought was attacking his dog, but tells viewers that Quantame clothing is a must-have for conspiracy theorists, attempting to show it’s perfect to defend them against similar attacks–as well as to escape headaches, nausea, and other symptoms of radiation poisoning.

Where Quantame aims to provide a defense against EMR, Felix’s CBD products are advertised as a curative to the supposed damage. 

The ad consists of a tincture of CBD photoshopped over a cannabis leaf, with several lines of text. "Over 200 Compounds"
"ANTI: Joint Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety, EMF/EMR DMG"
"And more, it's more then [sic] CBD. Made with the root! 100% organic non-gmo. See the studies!"
This advertisement was hosted on Conspyre.tv’s ad server. 

VTVault ads exposed on Conspyre.tv’s ad server promise relief from insomnia, anxiety, and EMF/EMR damage. On Green Mountain Greenery’s Shopify, users can purchase tinctures of MCT oil infused with various trending ingredients for $60 to $90. One such mixture involves white pine needles, ostensibly to justify listing Suramin and Shikimic Acid as ingredients–both of which have been touted as COVID-19 cures. White pine needles do not contain Suramin, and Shikimic Acid is potentially toxic.

While the Shopify page also contains links to fund Burrow or purchase an external hard drive pre-filled with conspiracy theory content, CBD is conspicuously absent. Although Felix has produced his own testimonial video for the CBD products that his company offers, users are directed to call him at his listed number.

 “This is the perfect time for you to give me a call,” said Felix. The website reiterates this point: “If you want to order CBD you can do so by phone ONLY.”


This is a Truth Social post by Horat on 9/11 of last year. It consists of a text component and an image. The text reads, "Holograms and a backpack nuke along with painting the elevator shafts with nano-thermite and lighting it up with satellite based directed energy weapons - to encapsulate all of the theories to date. Where else do you get enough energy to have molten steel flowing underground for months after the buildings came down? It wasn't kerosene that melted the bedrock." The image is a very distorted view of exposed, wavy earth with a skyscraper visible in the background. The image appears to have been shot from within a crater, allegedly in New York near the site of the 9/11 attacks. There are workers in hi-vis vests and hoses in the background."
This Truth Social post was posted on 9/11 of last year. A 2009 paper on the site notes that “the bedrock at the World Trade Center site was scoured into deep plunge pools and potholes, especially around the contact zone between schistose rock and large masses of hard granite pegmatite.”

Burrow’s other creator, Walt Horat, is a longtime poster. As a teenager in 1980, he was chastised by the admin of the 8BBS bulletin board over hostile language. 

The reprimand read, “Your msg to Jim H. was NOT appropriate for this system. Refrain from expressing yourself in such a manner on 8BBS.” 

Young Horat would return to 8BBS to advertise his location and phone number to facilitate software trading.

Horat’s relationship with personal computing never waned and he went on to program a variety of software. From 2000 until 2006, he worked on audio and network communication applications and, in 2006, he founded the company Flying Chao to develop and sell binaural beats along with a tool to listen to them. Binaural Beat advocates tout a broad range of supposed benefits, from better mood to enhanced focus, but the science is dubious. One 2020 study found that binaural beats did not have “any impact on cognitive performance or mood change.” Flying Chao’s principal product, Headspace Explorer, was shown at Macworld Expo 2007.

Horat also worked on audio-related applications through 2015, when he left GenAudio Inc. The same year, its CEO was indicted by the Securities and Exchange Commission. After this, Horat worked on iOS applications for a handful of major companies and tried his hand at more startups. In 2018 he landed a position at InfoSys and, in 2019, he started work on Conspyre.tv.  

Horat would live and work around the San Francisco Bay Area for years. He also listed an address in Venice, California on the domain registry for his personal site, and consulted for a company in Burbank.

Horat has owned parrots since at least 2006 and has occasionally posted about them, even testing the livestream capabilities on his website with a live feed entitled Birdcam. In a 2018 video, Horat can be heard encouraging his pomeranian and parrot to fight. His distinctive voice is also heard in screen recordings of  voice messages sent to Felix over telegram. 

Felix plays a voice message from Horat for his Telegram channel.

Horat was never just a programmer. His interest in conspiracy theories is affirmed by his old personal site on which he listed out topics that interest him. In 2014, he described conspiracy theories as “what the world looks like without the blinders and wool over your eyes.” He’s also maintained his commitment to arguing with strangers on the internet. 

While discussing binaural beats software online, Horat got into arguments with other users over things like profit incentive and ownership of open source software. One such argument occurred in a 2007 email chain for SBaGen, a software for generating binaural beats. To one user, Horat wrote, “All names and e-mail addresses involved in this thread are saved for the potential future event that I see your resume on my desk for a tech. job. I make it a policy not to hire idiots…’What? You say there could be future consequences for past actions?!?’”

He has also chosen to berate service workers and document it online. After witnessing a pharmacist administer a COVID-19 vaccine in May last year, he referred to them as a “stupid fucking bitch.” He then characterized her stunned silence in response to a volley of conspiracy theories as stupidity. After AT&T sent an employee to Horat’s home to diagnose an internet outage in February of 2022, Horat told an AT&T sales engineer that it was a “retarded waste of time” for the company to have sent her. Horat bragged that he “really had a good laugh at her expense, and made her understand her own stupidity without even trying.”

He added, “I have done it. I have achieved “zero filter and no fucks given” level. It feels good. [sunglasses emoji].” 

Walt Horat’s work on Bias Inc’s Deck II software cites Horat as “Walter Horat” in the manual. The same work is cited on his LinkedIn, which is under the name Walt Horat. 

Court searches revealed evictions in the San Francisco Bay Area under the name Walter Horat. Horat once reviewed a San Rafael business on Google Maps, so LCRW searched court records in that city. One Walter Horat was charged for “keeping a house of prostitution and aiding in prostitution” in San Rafael in 2017. According to a San Rafael Police Department press release

“Horat admitted to allowing the female to work at his apartment for prostitution and helped her buy supplies that aided in acts of prostitution…Officers found evidence that other females possibly work at the same address but there was no indication that any of them were juveniles.  Officers are investigating leads as to others involved in this trafficking operation.” 

At the time of writing, the San Rafael Police Department has not responded to LCRW’s public records request. 

Additionally, a 2004 Washoe county marriage license for one Walter Horat and a woman LCRW is not naming to respect her privacy possibly matches a domestic violence incident between one Walter Horat and a woman with the same name in San Francisco in 2004.

On GitHub, Horat posted a photo from a webcam while testing live streaming capabilities. This photo included the top of his head and the interior of his residence. While sharing logs to troubleshoot this particular issue, Horat unintentionally posted his IP address. His IP resolves back to El Monte, a city in Los Angeles County. This IP is served by AT&T and Walt has talked about berating a sales engineer with the company in his home on social media.

Whitepages contains several possible addresses for Horat, one of which is in El Monte. A Google Street View record of the residence in El Monte matches Walt’s post in several key areas: the placement of trees, the placement of the fencing, and placement of a window relative to the placement of the front door and the appearance of its gate.

In October 2021, Horat posted to GitHub that he was moving. A Truth Social post by Horat on November 8th, 2022 contains a weather alert that corresponds to a severe weather event in Los Angeles County that same day. This places Horat in the county just over a year after moving. 

On Linkedin, Horat lists Infosys as a current job alongside Conspyre.tv and Burrow. Using the naming convention associated with Infosys emails, a user walt_horat exists under the Infosys domain, and is associated with an Office365 account. Tests confirm that Infosys is associated with such Microsoft services. To put it another way, it is highly likely a user with the handle walt_horat exists for Infosys’s Microsoft resources.

LCRW reached out to InfoSys for comment and have not heard back at press time.

A Blossoming Partnership

Horat didn’t try to reach out to Felix personally until April 4th, 2022, but Horat’s first post in Felix’s DisclosureHub chat was on March 19 that year.

Felix and Horat’s partnership began like many do, with Horat irate over a bot deleting his self-promotional posts.

“That’s the reason I run my own infrastructure. No fucking censorship…Leaving this ridiculous censorship den now. Bye,” he wrote.

Walt would post later that same month asking for assistance in archiving DisclosureHub’s content.

In August, after writing that the Conspyre.tv channel on Roku was in beta, Horat advertised it in the DisclosureHub Telegram. He wrote that DisclosureHub was on the channel three times, likely constructed from his own rips of DisclosureHub’s content. On September 1st, Horat responded to Felix’s call for collaborators. The next day, Felix polled his users as to the desirability of a DisclosureHub Roku channel. On September 4th, Felix posted a Conspyre.tv link for the first time, nearly six months after Walt’s first post in the channel. On December 5th, Felix announced the Burrow channel on Telegram. Horat did the same on Truth Social. 

Felix would continue to discuss the management of both Conspyre and Burrow after launching the channel. He had a vision for what he wanted the channels to be.

“The Conspire Live is a bunch of podcasters and stuff. If you have good enough content, I could probably link you up with that side,” said Felix in a voice message addressing the entire Telegram channel.

Elaborating on his desire to curate content creators for the platform, he continued, “you’d have to have really, really good content because this is–we’re trying to wake people up, not turn them off. There are some people who are really good at researching, but they just don’t have a voice or they get scared when they’re on camera, or they just don’t have the right software.”

“So, I mean, there’s a bunch of criteria you’d have to meet. And it sucks because I’d love for everybody who wants to make a difference to hop on. But unfortunately, we’re making it a high end red pill channel,“ he said.

Both Horat and Felix recommended that their followers purchase a Roku for their family members for Christmas and to, of course, install the Burrow channel on it. Posting to both Truth Social and Gab, Horat advertised Burrow alongside a Walmart link for the Roku Premiere, a $16 streaming device. 

Horat tried to further entice his followers by noting the presence of “over 2,500 red pills ready to roll, just add butts to seat cushions. Red pill your family and friends this holiday season, just drop by and install the channel on their devices (or gift them one).”

Groups like “Qanon’s Supporters” and “Qanon Patriots” were targeted in particular, with Horat cross-posting this to each.


It’s worth noting what kind of people Horat and Felix were selling their ideas to. The DisclosureHub chat room is rife with bigotry. Racism, homophobia, veiled and explicit antisemitism and COVID-19 misinformation constitute a majority of the channel’s discourse. 

When sharing a trailer for the upcoming Little Mermaid reboot, Felix wrote, “white girl’s voice, black Mermaid, and more forced diversity that will bomb at the box office.” “Forced diversity” is a racist conspiracy theory that Hollywood is trying to put non-white actors in white roles as a prelude to marginalizing white people. 

Felix also discussed the supposed secret homosexuality of successful rappers on several occasions, going so far as to say that it’s well-known among those who aren’t “normies.” This intersection of rap music and homosexuality goes further. Felix edited a clip of Lil Nas X jokingly describing a gay agenda, wherein Nas X hits common conspiracy talking points to lampoon the homophobic conspiracy theory. Felix insists this proves the homosexual agenda conspiracy theory is real,  “even if [Nas X is] joking.”

During the video, when Lil Nas X jokingly says the gay agenda involves turning everyone gay and decreasing the world population, Felix places a syringe emoji on screen. Seconds later, he adds a screenshot of the Wikipedia article for the “Gay Bomb”, a hypothetical weapon that could turn victims gay. Notably, the screenshot is cut just before the “background” section of the article, of which the first line reads, “No well-controlled scientific studies have ever been published suggesting the possibility of pheromones causing rapid behavioral changes in humans.”

At one point, Felix called his father an ableist slur for getting vaccinated against COVID-19. But Felix’s paranoid bigotry goes even further. The DisclosureHubChat Telegram channel is rife with antisemitism. 

In February 2022, alt-media sites were focused on the far-right Trucker Convoy. The DisclosureHubChat channel opened on the 12th of that month and discourse naturally tended to focus on the convoy. Six days after the channel was founded, a now-deleted user tacitly defended the Gestapo when one user compared Ottawan police to the Nazis. 

“Gestapo, more like jewish Weimar Republic or the jewish Bolsheviks,” they wrote. 

This now-deleted user’s telegram ID matches other messages in the channel. When user Irate Pirate called the police Nazis for their treatment of the convoy, the now-deleted user defended Nazi Germany and impugned Jewish people. “Bolsheviks Jews, not nazis!!! Wake Up to who Our Enemy is,” they wrote. 

This anti-semitic culture permeating the chat was encouraged by the content that Felix posted. 

On June 20, Felix posted a video with the caption “Gay Jew exposes Gay Jews or is he?” The attached video is from the neo-Nazi streamers at Goyim TV. In the clip, a man goes on Omegle, speaks in a mocking “gay” affectation, and self identifies as a gay Jewish man. After claiming Jewish people control the world, he drops the accent. After seemingly convincing the other omegle user to be more actively antisemitic, he says white power and recommends Europa: the Last Battle, a Neo-Nazi propaganda film about World War II.

On August 16, Felix shared his thoughts on the grooming gang hoax, an islamophobic lie spread by alt-right figures. 

“Strange that Jews and Muslim both want ALL non believers dead…. and they both are after kids…..HMM,” he said.On October 14, Felix felt compelled to explain his position on Jewish people. To provide context to his followers, Felix notes that Ghost Ezra, a then-prominent QAnon influencer, hates Jews, and wants them all to die.

Felix tries to define his antisemitism against Ghost Ezra’s overt calls for extermination.

“Us? Not all jews are bad. Not all jews know what’s going on. The fake jews are the bad ones,” he said in a voice file on Telegram. Then, after mentioning the “Khazarian Mafia,” an antisemitic conspiracy theory which alleges a Jewish cabal descended from maligned Turkic converts controls the world, Felix said “I don’t write off every single jew, in fact I have a couple jewish friends.”

Felix was not alone. The DisclosureHubChat Telegram channel discussed Jewish people frequently. One percent of messages in the channel pertain to Jewish people  when LCRW archived it on December 29, 2022. These discussions were generally conspiratorial in nature, and often antisemitic. 

Despite this, Horat found Felix to be the right person to approach and, in fact, insisted upon their partnership. 

Eight days after Burrow launched on Roku, Felix shared a video from the Conspyre.tv website–a one hour video entitled “Jewish Ritual Murder” that perpetuates, and expands upon, the antisemitic myth of blood libel.


The Conspyre.tv domain hosts a legal page for Conspyre and a near identical one for Burrow. The pages reference one Rightway LLC and the address given corresponds to a registered agent service in Wyoming. Horat’s previous venture, Veritas World News, was also incorporated in Wyoming through a registered agent service

Horat has used registered agents for his other companies like Flying Chao. Wyoming is often cited as a good state to incorporate due to its low incorporation fees and permissive regulatory environment.

While Conspyre is registered with Domain.com, burrow.info is registered with Epik, the hosting and domain service run by Rob Monster. Burrow.info links had been posted to Horat’s socials when he and Felix began looking for marketing opportunities. 

Epik hosts a number of alt-right and other extremist websites, often becoming a host of last resort when such actors are banned from more mainstream platforms.

LCRW looked through unintentionally indexed resources and the scripts that build playlists for the Roku channels. When either the Conspyre or Roku channel generates the horizontal galleries of videos that users can watch in-app, they do so using pre-defined playlists in Horat’s scripts. These playlists are individually named and labeled by Horat. They included labels like “Q,” “Pizzagate,” and “Great Reset.”

Extremist Content On Both Channels

One playlist ID on Burrow corresponds to DisclosureHub. When querying for Disclosure Hub Hits, the first result is “Just The Tip: Can you fact check a nightmare?” This video is an assemblage of conspiracy theory content with clips of Felix’s commentary interspersed throughout. Another video seeks to fact-check “Shadowland,” the Atlantic’s docuseries on the impact conspiracy theories have had on Americans. Felix’s content aggregation also touches on Kanye West’s recent anti-semitic comments by using it as a jumping off point to rehash holocaust denial.

The featured playlist on both Roku channels features Mouthy Buddha, whose tweets regularly feature antisemitic lines of thought, such as:

If someone calls you a conspiracy theorist for saying Jews run America, ask them to explain how the ADL has more power than the president of the USA (Donald Trump), the richest man in the world (Elon Musk), and a very famous celebrity (Kanye West) without it being “anti Semitic.”

In a deleted video titled “The Jewish Question,” Mouthy Buddha argues that Jewish IQs cause them to dominate societies they enter. Mouthy Buddha appears in the featured playlist and has their own user-requestable playlist. It largely consists of content related to pedogate conspiracy theories, as the bulk of his content has been dedicated to such material over the past few years. 

Similarly, Pizzagate gets its own dedicated playlist. Videos therein accuse the Clintons of buying sex slaves from the NXIVM sex cult, attribute various notable deaths to Pizzagate, and attempt to prove the Frazzledrip conspiracy theory. One video rehashes the debunked Wayfair child trafficking conspiracy theory. The thirty-four minute video consists of screenshots of product reviews and social media posts interspersed with missing children’s posters. One such image shows former president Trump photoshopped into a surreal scene, fleeing a demonic Hillary Clinton while clutching two screaming babies. Inexplicably, he is running through knee-high water.

Qanon-related content has its own dedicated playlist, too. 

Although the Q playlist is not featured in the DIsclosureHub curated section, it’s accessible to users as a category and the “featured videos” playlist pulled by the Burrow script includes a video used by Qanon churches. Users installing the channel for the first time are greeted by content pulled from the featured videos playlist–and are able to search up an entire category of Q related content.  

While much of the content is outright supportive of Q, encouraging viewers to analyze Q drops, some of it is more skeptical. One such video is from Infowars’ Greg Reese, who questions why people are being encouraged to “trust the plan” rather than act. 

The majority of the rest of the Q content on Burrow gets into the weeds. 

Users have access to hours-long videos on the supposed players in the Deep State. One such video purports to prove how Donald Trump, JFK Jr., and the NSA took down “the cabal.” Another video runs for two hours and presents itself as the first volume in a series of “Ultimate Q Proofs.” Yet another video entitled “Q Is Real” is tagged with the description “Not to be mis-read as Q Israel.”

Another video calls on viewers not only to trust the plan, but to be the plan. They are told to accomplish this by rejecting “globalism” and recognizing the magic words the child-eating satanic elites use to bend citizens to its will–as footage of a march against rape culture plays. 

Roku’s desktop site allows users to search for content, and thereby receive suggestions for channels to install to view said content. Videos on Satanic Ritual Abuse, chemtrails, and the “Plandemic” phenomenon are presented to users with the option to view the content on Burrow

One such video is the sequel to the viral Fall of the Cabal QAnon film and it purports to not to be “about Q, nor Trump. It is about the Cabal. It will give you info that will blow you off your socks.”

However, the original, dedicated “to Q and all the Q-Anons who are currently giving their lives for a free world,” is listed in relation to the Conspyre.tv channel

Burrow provides extensive access to conspiracy theories outside of 2020’s milieu. Horat’s collection goes back decades. He makes Behold a Pale Horse author Bill Cooper’s material available to Burrow viewers. Querying for the playlist yields fifty-six entries on the godfather of modern conspiracy theory. Users can find a thirty-nine part radio broadcast, interviews, and lectures by one of the first men to use the internet to propagate this kind of right wing paranoia. The ur-antisemitic Protocols of The Elders of Zion that Bill Cooper reprinted is also available on Consypre.tv. Conspyre’s antisemitic literature doesn’t stop at the Protocols, however.

This video thumbnail has text at the top of the frame. The text reads, "The Khazarian Mafia" in a font chosen to appear stereotypically Eastern European. The text also glows red. Below that is a map of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, marked by the Caspian Sea and historical states such as Byzantine and Ghuzz. In the middle of the frame, laid overtop the map, is a hooded figure clutching the globe. The figure's hand is pale and clawed, and it is digging into the earth until it bleeds. The earth and the blood are the elements presented in color, outside of the title of the video.
This thumbnail appears repeatedly in both Felix and Horat’s reposted content. 

Both men repeatedly pushed a video on the “Khazarian Mafia” conspiracy theory. The theory alleges that a global crime syndicate of Jewish people exert control over many world governments.This (fictional) group is descended from the Khazars, who converted to Judaism in the 8th Century. There is no credible historical record of this conversion. This theory has seen a recent resurgence among Telegram users who claim that the war in Ukraine is really a war by Russia against the “Khazarian Mafia.” 

Contemporary antisemitism is inextricably linked to the antivaxx movement. Conspiracy theories often specify an unnamed cabal that orchestrates over-vaccination for a variety of purposes, often either financial gain or global control. Such theories dovetail with antisemitism in obvious ways. The COVID-19 pandemic amplified both new and old antivaxx grifters. Many of these disinformaton peddlers were banned by social media platforms for spreading misinformation about vaccines during a global pandemic. 

“We were deplatformed from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter within hours,” said Dr. Simone Gold. It was one of several clips of her used to open a particular video “America’s Frontline Doctors White Coat Summit.” 

Gold, a Capitol rioter, founded AFLDS. She’s made a fortune selling Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin to its followers. Like the recording of their summit for anti-vaxx and COVID-19 denialist presentations, AFLDS’s videos have found a home on Burrow. The infamous press conference outside the Supreme Court is on Burrow as well, featuring false claims that HCQ had cured hundreds of one doctors’ patients.

Gold now has her Twitter account back thanks to Elon Musk’s amnesty policy for previously-banned Nazis, covid denialists and other disinformation spreaders.

Burrow also offers a video of Del Bigtree, director of the antivaxx billionaire-funded Informed Action Consent Network, discussing the summit. Bigtree is an antivaxx mainstay in his own right, having produced a documentary on vaccines and autism in 2016

The creator of the discredited vaccines-cause-autism hypothesis is on Burrow as well. Andrew Wakefield, the author of a discredited paper that claimed the MMR vaccine causes autism, can be found in one video discussing the COVID-19 vaccine as “irreversible gene therapy.” 

The antivaxx content offered on Burrow extends to more obscure creators. Stew Peters can be found alleging that COVID-19 vaccines are killing healthcare workers. In a segment for the antivaxx Children’s Health Defense, Reiner Fuellmich alleges that world governments have been infiltrated by some unspecified group of people who are “literally trying to kill us.” While Fuellmich may be obscure to the layperson, he’s widely known among antivaxx circles as the man who will bring about Nuremburg II by putting world leaders and scientists on trial for “engineering” the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Felix himself is featured interviewing Dr. Carrie Madej, an osteopath who was covered by Reuters for falsely claiming that a COVID-19 vaccine sample grew tentacles. In the interview, Dr. Madej reiterates her claim that the COVID-19 vaccine is not a vaccine at all but that it contains a “liquified computing material.” After two minutes of Felix and Madej speculating on how such technology would work, Felix places an advert for his white pine needle tea COVID-19 treatment–a method that is likely not helpful against COVID-19, and may actually be toxic

Money, Money, Money 

In May 2021, Horat inquired about implementing “old school” affiliate links on the AVideo GitHub. There are two such links in the site’s sidebar: Patriot Switch and JustCBD. Users who click on Patriot Switch are redirected to their site from a URL that includes Conspyre.tv. 

Patriot Switch is a multi-level marketing scheme pitched as a shopping network. Weirdly for a shopping network but normal for an MLM, there’s an elaborate onboarding process. An onboarding video presents Patriot Switch as a way to “vote differently” with one’s consumption by spending money at American businesses. The onboarding video also blames unfair COVID-19 lockdown policies for the harm done to small businesses. This, unfortunately, dovetails with the vast amount of Great Reset conspiracy content on Conspyre.tv. LCRW’s analysis found Patriot Switch affiliate links on influencers and content creators on various right-wing alt-tech social media sites. They were even sponsors at CPAC last year.

JustCBD is much more broad. Locating users with affiliate links returns everything from beauty influencers to alt-right podcasters who are concerned with cancel culture and the declining appeal of law enforcement careers. JustCBD also has a number of Gab profiles, one of which is following the white nationalist outlet VDARE. As seen with Felix, there is a thread between the broader alternative medicine scene and the more niche conspiracist group. Felix’s CBD grift is far from the only one in this milieu. 

JustCBD pays affiliate program users by “either check, wire transfer, BitCoin, or Justcbdstore store credit.” Deplatformed extremists are routinely being forced to rely on crypto as a matter of last-resort, rather than for convenience or for ideology’s sake, making JustCBD a potential haven. 

But even with all these lucrative opportunities in play, Felix and Horat seem to be in financial trouble. Horat voiced concerns about the financial sustainability of maintaining a Roku channel when working on Conspyre.tv. Felix shared in Telegram that his Green Mountain Greenery business had been banned from Square “because GMG doesn’t agree with FDA.” 

The launch of the channel in December 2022 saw explosive growth–and the skyrocketing content delivery fees associated with it. User count and traffic graphs from Horat’s backend show a spike in viewers around the time LCRW became aware of viral Tik Toks promoting the channel. 

Twenty-four days after launch, Felix claimed this spike resulted in maintenance costs of $4,500 a month. He also said that his partner, Horat, couldn’t afford it. Horat’s angry message directed at Felix in the telegram chat near the start of their relationship cites an “$1800/year” cost to operate Conspyre in April of 2022, before either Roku channel launched. Given that figure, costs had increased by $4,350, with most of that occurring after the December spike. 

This is a still from a vertical video. At the top is the burrow logo: a white rabbit silhouette jumping into a hole with a mind-blown emoji inside it. Below the rabbit is the text "Burrow." Below this is a URL for users to support Felix and Horat's channel, as well as some text. It reads, "save 5% on products supporting burrow. Code: Burrow." 
The bottom part of the frame consists of the same Burrow logo, and Felix in the bottom right hand corner. He has a filter on to obscure his face. The filter tracks his movements and keeps a golden Guy Fakwes mask over his face.
With no less than two logos and his characteristic golden Guy Fawkes mask face filter, Felix solicits funds.

In a video, Felix shared that increased funding is needed to keep the channel running. He included voice messages from Horat characterizing the situation as an emergency.

“If we don’t get a CDN in place immediately, our storage provider will shut us down,” Horat said. CDN stands for content delivery network. You can learn more about them here

Felix publicly bemoaned the financial hurdles Burrow is facing. 

“If you guys know any patriot businesses who want to advertise and spread awareness about their business, or if you have any ads that you keep seeing on any podcast–any Alex Jones stuff, any patriot advertisements–post any of the advertisements that you’ve seen and where you saw it,” he said.

He then announced a system wherein users who successfully recruit advertisers would be eligible to receive a percentage of the revenue. He also added a Burrow donation item to his Shopify. Doing so, Felix advertised that a percentage of the proceeds for certain GMG purchases would fund the channel. Use the promo code “Burrow” for “5% Off and part of the proceeds fund the Burrow when using that coupon code.” 

Coincidentally, you can use the code “www.leftcoastrightwatch.org” in your browser’s address bar for 100% off access to all our articles.

Horat also ran ads for Felix’s CBD company. 

Since the ad server had been exposed for indexing, some images of its content are available. One image in particular advertises a CBD product from one of Felix’s ventures that purports to treat Electromagnetic Field damage. Other entries include Patriot Switch, Quantame, and Rise Attire, a clothing company that also produced motion graphics for Conspyre.tv. Some of the pre-roll memes appear to have been stored on the ad server as well. 

On January 2nd, Horat made a GitHub commit titled “fix for cdn on daniels storage/cdn infra.” This refers to Daniel “DanielDotCom” Neto, who answered most of Horat’s open issues on GitHub and previously advertised AVideo’s CDN services to Horat. In other words, Horat is turning to AVideo’s infrastructure for content delivery and media storage in response to the sharp increase in traffic.  

Burrow Actively Violates The Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policies of the Services It Uses 

Horat’s GitHub posts confirm the use of several paid services. 

When contemplating the switch to a CDN, Horat considered Cloudflare. He eventually adopted AVideo’s CDN and posted images from the admin page that confirms this. IP addresses in recent logs and a snippet of pricing during his purchasing decision are associated with OVH, his Virtual Private Server provider. Wasabi urls are also present on the downtime page that currently occupies the home page. One such message indicates that his account may be inactive, which may explain the current error.

Roku’s own Terms of Service prohibit developers from producing content which harms the company’s reputation or incites violence. Additionally, their advertising guidelines prohibit users from running advertisements which contain false or misleading claims. As a result, the availability of antisemtic and Q-related content and DisclosureHub’s advertising of fake COVID-19 cures constitute a violation of such terms. 

Horat and Felix are in violation of numerous other related services as well. 

Shopify’s Acceptable Use Policy prohibits users from selling content which promotes or hate against numerous protected classes. Further, the efficacy of COVID-19 related products offered on the platform must be supported by documented evidence. Felix’s Shopify account purveys both fake COVID-19 cures and a DVD of one of his hateful documentaries.

Shopify requested more information after LCRW initially reached out, but have not followed up additional requests for comment. . 

Several of Felix’s websites are hosted by Squarespace. Their AUP prohibits “misleading or unethical marketing or advertising.” Felix uses these sites to advertise unproven COVID-19 and EMR-damage cures.

LCRW reached out to Squarespace for comment and have not heard back at press time.

Conspyre.tv and Burrow use Wasabi content deliver links to generate their playlists. Horat described issues with Wasabi in voicemails to Felix, desperately hoping to remain on the service. Wasabi’s Terms of Use dictate that users do not post content that “gives rise to civil or criminal liability, e.g. defamatory, threatening, pornographic, indecent, abusive, libelous or otherwise objectionable actions.” As an example, content which falsely claims Disney is a part of a “grooming” epidemic is present on Conspyre.tv.

LCRW reached out to Wasabi for comment and have not heard back at press time.

Horat stated that he uses Mailgun for the contact form on his site. Mailgun’s AUP requires that users do not “publish, transmit or store any content or links to any content that is excessively violent, incites violence, threatens violence, contains harassing content or hate speech, creates a risk to a person’s safety or health, or public safety or health.” Defamatory content is also not allowed. Much of Burrow and Consypre.tv’s content consists of COVID-19 denialism and encourages resistance to mitigation measures. Specific violations include antisemitic documentaries claiming Jewish billionaire George Soros is a secret puppetmaster of the world.

LCRW reached out to Mailgun for comment and have not heard back at press time.

Horat’s logs reference IP addresses associated with OVH. He also posted screenshots with enough information to determine that he was considering their Virtual Private Server offerings. Having paid for access to OVH’s VPS, Horat’s continued use of those servers is subject to their terms. OVH users must not host files which “contain any information or content that is illegal, unlawful, harmful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive.” Despite this, Conspyre.tv hosts various antisemitic conspiracy documentaries. 

LCRW reached out to OVH for comment and have not heard back at press time.

This content is also in violation of Terrahost’s terms. Terrahost states that their “services can be used for anything permitted by Norwegian law.” Norway’s penal code criminalizes hate speech, and its definition includes the “promotion of hate for anyone because of their skin color or ethnic origin, religion, or faith.”

LCRW reached out to Terrahost for comment and have not heard back at press time.

Horat’s recent GitHub commits suggest that he is moving Conspyre.tv and Burrow over to AVideo Services infrastructure. AVideo’s Terms of Use prohibit content which “suggests a discriminatory preference based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or handicap.” The CTO of AVideo’s parent company has personally answered Horat’s issues on GitHub. 

LCRW reached out to AVideo and WWBN for comment and have not heard back at press time.

Both Horat and Felix have active accounts on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter. Felix has been banned previously on all three, while Horat has been banned on Twitter. Despite this, the two men—evading bans—use these platforms to drive traffic to their own sites.

LCRW reached out to Tik Tok and Twitter for comment and have not heard back at press time. 

Meta requested more information after LCRW initially reached out, but have not followed up additional requests for comment. 

Roku Has Repeatedly Allowed Hateful and Extremist Content

Roku has a well-documented history of platforming misinformation and lax enforcement of its own content moderation policies. 

Neither Burrow or Conspyre.tv are the first hubs of extremist content to be allowed on Roku. David Hayes’ Q-Anon channel was hosted on Roku and was only removed after MMFA reported on it. Roku removed Alex Jones’ InfoWars channel following public outcry. Roku has met widespread disapproval for platforming One America News Network. Despite this, the company continues to host it

The company has previously stated that they “operate a platform with a wide selection of entertainment and content with diverse points of view.”

“While we do not block or censor content based on viewpoint, we reserve the right to remove a channel that has the potential to cause harm to our platform,” Roku said in a statement during the OANN controversy.

In 2020, The Daily Beast reported that a plethora of far-right extremist content can be found on Roku’s platform–including content that Roku had ostensibly banned. Alex Jones’ channel might have been banned, but his content was accessible through numerous other channels on Roku.

This is a screenshot of the channel page for PLANDEMIC INDOCTORNATION [sic]. It has slides with the logo for the film: The word Plandemic with "plan" in a red font, and "demic" in a white font. The word Indoctornation is presented in a white font, but the word "doctor" is in bold. Users are presented with the option to install the channel, and it is categorized as "health & wellness."
PLANDEMIC INDOCTORNATION is just one COVID-19 misinformation film platformed by Roku. This one has its own channel.

LCRW was able to locate several conspiracy-oriented channels and programs. The channel Blessed2Teach is recommended when users search for election denial content. The anti-vax film VAXXED has its own channel, as does Plandemic. A Conspyre.tv-built channel for Mr Truth Bomb offers great reset and pedogate content. The Baal Busters channel offers coverage of Bill Cooper’s work. The TTOR channel tells viewers that 5G radiation can create COVID-19 cells within humans.

High-profile extremist hubs are also available on the platform. 

Rumble, an alt-tech video hosting site, has its own channel. Through Rumble, users can access content from both Alex Jones and David Hayes. Both figures are also accessible through the Odyssey Unofficial channel, another alt-tech video site. Daily Wire’s transphobia is platformed via its own channel and Roku’s official one. San Diego-based One America News Network is still on the platform today. Even antivaxxer Del Bigtree has his own channel on Roku, despite being deplatformed from Facebook and YouTube.

Users have voiced concerns about such content on Roku’s forums. One user wrote, “complete political propaganda about Q anon. I don’t understand why this is available on Roku.”

Another replied, ‘The Burrow channel is 100% misinformation. People could get hurt and sue Roku.”

LCRW reached out to Roku for comment and have not heard back at press time.


Following initial reports about Burrow from Media Matters For America and Next TV, on Jan. 10th, Felix posted a voice message in the Disclosure Hub Telegram intended “for the Media Matters snitches.” He stated that Burrow is owned by Conspyre and not Disclosure Hub, and that “I just happen to be–the Disclosure Hub just happens to be very supportive of the Burrow.” 

He continued, saying that he would use all his resources to defend the channel and expressing a desire to sue the two outlets because they posted his “anonymous face” and “made accusations” by connecting himself, DisclosureHub, and Burrow so closely. 

But Felix himself promoted and touted that connection. When announcing Burrow to the Disclosure Hub Telegram channel on December 5 of 2022, Felix characterized it as a “Disclosure hub / conspyre collab!!! Must see and share.” As well as an audio message where he explained that “this is the secret that I’ve had in the works for so long.” 

Felix explains the channel, says he worked on it, and urges users to install the channel for themselves and family members.

On Jan. 11th, Felix posted a video to Disclosure Hub’s Rumble titled “New Promising FREE Roku Channel Gets ambushed by Unfair Headlines.” Describing it as “Burrow’s response to the bashing,” Felix starts the video by saying, “My name is GK and I’ll be representing the Burrow this evening.” The video was posted around 3 AM PST, but, presumably, none of his viewers are day-walkers. Interspersed with clips from various Disclosure videos and “redpills,” Felix attempts to lay out his supposed defamation case against Next TV and MMFA for their initial reporting.

Beginning with their notes on the far-right conspiracy theories that Burrow hosts, Felix claims that their content is apolitical and that Burrow is “going in the opposite direction.”

“This channel has nothing to do with politics,” he proclaimed. “We are not far-right, we are not associated with any sort of political movement or anything at all. And if anything, there’s a lot about democracy that is not bad. The only thing we’re against is communism. Well actually we’re also against pedophiles, rapists, and criminals.” 

Inexplicably, Felix then cuts to allegations against Morgan Freeman from his latest DisclosureHub video. 

“So your comment and your opinion is untrue and this whole article altogether is defamatory,” Felix claims in the video after rambling about Freeman.

Addressing Burrow’s extremist propaganda, Felix claimed that, “As a main content producer for the channel, I know that at least 50 percent, if not 100 percent, of the content is 100 percent neutral and non-biased to anything, it’s all just blank information for you to either take or let it go, so we are not biased.”

Felix gave a similar answer to the charge of false information on Burrow: “As somebody who has probably more than 50 percent of the content on the Burrow…I never release any misinformation. I always make sure that I back up anything I say with enough weight that you can do the research on your own. I always trace things back to mainstream peer-reviewed studies and news clips.” 

LCRW did our own research and found Felix’s claims about 5G, for example, are not supported by science. A review of the literature published in 2021 found no “confirmed evidence that low-level RF fields above 6 GHz such as those used by the 5G network are hazardous to human health.” 

To complaints about vaccine and COVID-19 misinformation, Felix asked “How can you argue something is safe when it literally says it can kill you?” before showing a screenshot of a page from the FDA, highlighting a portion that ostensibly says the vaccine may cause death. It does not. The page actually says that vaccination providers are responsible for reporting cases of COVID-19 that result in hospitalization and death.

Attempting to refute the ‘QAnon-inspired conspiracy theories’ aspect of Next TV’s article, Felix says “Conspiracy theories is not something we’re a part of. That has absolutely nothing to do with what we’re doing.” He maintains that “QAnon has absolutely nothing to do with our channel at all. If we have any information on Q or QAnon, it is there for people to understand because it is a topic as you’re bringing it up yourself. You yourself are bringing up QAnon, are you part of QAnon?”

At the time of writing, scrolling down through the categories available on Burrow yields a playlist titled “Q” right after “Pizzagate.” Felix’s new site for Burrow links to VTVault’s list of Telegram channels. One such channel is the “Trump Q Database.” Further, in the initial advertising for the channel, Horat posted an image explicitly advertising the presence of Q content.

Felix ends the video on a triumphant note. Overlaid to patriotic music, Felix says “Let this be a lesson to any outlet out there that wants to dirty somebody’s name just because you don’t agree with their content,” he says before claiming that he and Horat are not extremists, never promote violence, and that Burrow does not violate any “rules or conditions.” Following this, Felix runs a DisclosureHub compilation of video clips about satanists harvesting babies’ organs.

Here’s Felix discussing farts.


Robert Sands writes for LCRW about metal nazis and other such nuisances.


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