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August 25, 2021 by MICHAEL BOORMAN

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Following accusations by anti-vaccine protest organizers Telegram channel had been hacked, a rival faction is now denouncing the ‘Worldwide USA’ organizers and declaring all protests scheduled to take place across the US this weekend to be invalid.

LCRW previously reported on an outbreak of confusion last weekend, when national organizers disconnected their California Telegram channel and disavowed the scheduled events. Earlier today, LCRW reported the organizers’ complaints that the national channel had been subverted by a rogue administrator, but that normal service would soon be restored.

But before the dust had begun to settle, international ‘Worldwide’ organizers appeared on the scene to denounce ‘Worldwide USA’ as a fake channel, and warn against attending any demonstrations this weekend. Within minutes, they established a rival ‘Worldwide USA – Official’ channel and then published a long paranoid letter accusing the national USA coordinators of engaging a plot to ‘round up patriots’ information.’

At the same time, a related front organization published a warning that the ‘Worldwide USA’ organizers, Harry and Gina, were fomenting violence in advance of this weekend’s protests and encouraging people to come armed.

Confused? You should be. Your humble reporting team at LCRW can barely keep up: an efficient organizing machine that has coordinated dozens of protests across the US and internationally for the last 6 months is suddenly falling apart faster than the government of Afghanistan.

The chaotic developments began just hours ago, when an administrator in the ‘Worldwide California’ Telegram channel unexpectedly posted the following message:


At this point we will tell you something about this channel: t.me/worldwideusa ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ FAKE ‼️‼️‼️

This Channel is NOT official! For this reason, I warn against attending the demonstrations advertised here. All demonstrations in this group are verified and an official part of WWD:

[ redacted so as not to give these fools publicity ]

We dont know why they’re doing what they’re doing – BUT BE CAREFUL!

LCRW verified that the message was posted by a pre-existing channel administrator and was not a prank or a mistake. And then things got…weird.

Minutes afterward, a rival ‘Worldwide USA group was established – including numerous regional administrators who had been coordinating protests at the state level. Minutes after that, they published a lengthy letter accusing the ‘Worldwide USA’ organizers of being scammers and leading the movement on for months, writing:

_We may be dealing with the potential harvesting of usernames & private data, or such individuals may be infiltrated and involved with Antifa, but the worst-case scenario through this movement we believe that some one is attempting to round up patriots’ information._

The letter went on (and on) in this vein before concluding with detailed instructions on how regional administrators should set up new channels to break free from the tyranny of ‘Harry1984’ and ‘Nacho_Gina’. While LCRW was attempting to make sense of this this latest twist, posts began to appear from a website called ‘Children’s Health Defense’ – apparently another anti-vaccination front group – accusing Harry and Gina of plotting to trigger violence at rallies that took place in July, and warning people to stay away and sever all contact with them.

At this point a Colorado conservative and fire-breathing militia leader named Joel Oltman – heavily involved in the ‘patriot’ movement and accusations that the 2020 election was stolen – also showed up to denounce Harry and Gina at such length that LCRW has not had time to read his rant in full – because regional organizers launched a threat of legal action.

‘A ‘Cease and Desist’ letter asserting ownership of the ‘worldwide’ trademarks, graphics, etc and threating legal action against ‘Harry1984’ and ‘Nacho_Gina’, operators of the national ‘Worldwide’ Telegram channel for the USA
“Gina’s” mocking response to the to the cease and desist letter. There are only two degree of separation between the scrawlings of this alleged toddler and an international Nazi conspiracy tht operates in 180 cities around the globe.
“Gina’s” team from Henson Legal.

LCRW will continue to monitor events through the night and attempt to make sense of them for readers in the coming days. For now, ‘Worldwide’ organizers are publicly at each others’ throats and in the process exposing the internal workings of what used to be a well-oiled publicity machine.

The bottom line is that the protests scheduled to take place this weekend not just in California, but in multiple other states, are now falling apart and organizers are earnestly warning participants to no longer attend.

Organizers do have one thing right, though: their operations have been fully infiltrated and vast troves of information they thought was private have been harvested for detailed analysis. LCRW looks forward to bring the fruits of that in many stories to come. Stay tuned!

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