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September 12, 2022 by ROBERT SANDS

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Nazi musician Kyle “KEP” Powell will be bringing his band “Engorge” and some of their Nazi friends to the greater Los Angeles area on September 16th to play at Bricks Sports Bar. It’s billed as the “first assault in California since 2015”

Headliners Engorge prove that there’s a Nazi metal version of the Wu Tang Name Generator coded into their smooth brains. Powell calls himself “Necroblackdeath machine” and often platforms and promote National Socialist Black Metal (NSBM) bands. Powell’s booking agency, K.E.P. Productions, is also one of the sponsors for the Rise of the Black Sun (ROTBS) festival that LCRW recently covered. He was previously called out for booking a Nazi show at Dingbatz, in Clifton, NJ. That show only happened because Powell lied to the club owners and said he had dropped the Nazi bands from the lineup. They played that night.

Kushfrost facebook post saying 'listen to our album if you're not gay and have the coronavirus.' the album is two people posing in front of some rocks while holding rifles and wearing balaclavas. album is called 'axis of evil'
The homosexuality deciders

One Neo Nazi band they will be bringing to Maywood, CA in September will be Kushfrost. Kushfrost, which sounds like an overpriced THC-infused breath mint, is from Jurupa Valley, CA. They’re another part of what could be called a growing Latinx NSBM scene centering around Southern California and are also one of the bands playing the ROTBS festival. The band leans heavily into the far right militia aesthetic, even using an AK-47 for the ‘K’ in their logo. They appear in ballistic vests and balaclavas holding various firearms on album covers. Their music videos show them shooting at a target 30 yards out and missing, then cut to a live show with a handful of people in the crowd. Their lyrical content glorifies Kyle Rittenhouse in songs like “Fuck Around and Find Out” and oddly fantasizes about being on the receiving end of a bunch of communists’ and anarchists’ penises in a song called “Antifa Scum.” This is odd given that the band is deeply homophobic.

When he’s not saying random stuff is gay, Jonathan Gonzalez, the lead singer of Kushfrost, constantly posts about how much he hates Black Lives Matter and protesters in general.

“If you’re blocking the street, your life does not fucking matter,” he wrote on Facebook.

Gonzalez seems to be deeply into right wing gun culture and expressed a desire for the boogaloo (slang for civil war and sometimes race war) to “kick off”. He even posted photos of himself doing field training somewhere in Nevada.

two facebook posts from Gonzalez of him squatting next to graffiti in an abandoned building while holding a rifle. in one the rifle is pointed at the ground in the other he's pointing at the camera
The first rule of firearms safety is boint at camera

Drummer (and only other member) of Kushfrost Mark Dilley goes by stage name “the Patriarchy.” Dilley is also drummer for Engorge and, according to the Metal Archives. he has a one man project called, cleverly, “Patriarch.” Dilley is based out of L.A. “Patriarch” songs include charming titles like “Hammer of Misogyny” and “Nuclear Gender Warfare.”

Brick’s Sports Bar, the show’s host, is located in Maywood, CA. This isn’t the first Nazi-linked show they’ve booked. In March of 2019 they picked up a show by NSBM-affiliated group Horna after the original venue they were booked at canceled, citing the group’s Neo Nazi ties.

The show is at 8pm on Friday the 16th and the $10 presale tickets are being sold through email correspondence with Hate War Productions, which books other NSBM shows in L.A. and previously booked Horna at Bricks.


Robert Sands writes for LCRW about metal nazis and other such nuisances.


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