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September 15, 2022 by CHICAGO FREE MEDIA

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An Arkansas dentist has left a disturbing social media trail including violent threats against trans people, healthcare providers and politicians.

33-year-old Aaron L. Bratton, who has styled himself as “The Mustachioed DDS,” works at a dental clinic in Atkins, AR—a town of 3000 situated 66 miles northwest of Little Rock. He has been employed at the clinic owned by his father since 2013.

Dr. Aaron Bratton outside Atkins Dental Clinic in Atkins, Arkansas.

Despite the sunny disposition presented on clinic social media, Bratton has been using his personal accounts across Twitter, Facebook (1, 2, 3, 4) and YouTube to espouse views about an upcoming “upheaval” that will, in his own words, “see a lot of murdered ‘doctors’ and ‘therapists.’”

A Facebook post from one of Bratton’s profiles on March 29 in which he claims the murder of gender affirming healthcare providers is imminent, and that more than half of trans people willl commit suicide “due to their medically sanctioned torture.”

His transphobic posts and comments have led to a number of reports, as well as the creation of multiple profiles to evade subsequent suspensions:

“Question for the wokies… Is there ever a reason to hit a trans man?” dated March 18.
A violent transphobic “groomer puncher” meme shared in December 2021.

Bratton has also vehemently refused the COVID-19 vaccine. A message posted to his clinic’s page last autumn affirms the entire staff’s refusal to follow vaccine mandates.

“Dr. Aaron Bratton has already publically[sic] stated on his personal pages that Atkins Dental Clinic will not discriminate along vaccine status, nor will we comply or follow any mandate forcing staff or patients to be vaccinated,” the Facebook post says in part. “We understand science. We understand risk.”

Bratton’s wife, a featured guest on his YouTube channel and podcast alongside other “Eclectic Chitchat” characters, is also a healthcare provider. 

Dr. Meghan Bratton practices as a psychiatrist specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry. According to the fellowship biography posted on the University of Arkansas for Medical Services webpage, she has a particular interest in ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. A spokesperson for UAMS confirmed that Dr. Meghan Bratton completed her fellowship as of June 2022. 

Dr. Bratton rallying against vaccine mandates at the Arkansas Capitol on September 30, 2021.
Dr. Meghan Bratton has appeared alongside other guests on Aaron Bratton’s YouTube channel, often in discussions featuring racist and transphobic language.
The Bratton couple speaking with two guests about Vice President Kamala Harris. One of them has a large confederate flag hanging in the background.

According to his social media, the mustached dentist and self-avowed libertarian graduated from the Oklahoma College of Dentistry in 2013. 

Public records reveal that just two years prior in 2011, he was ordered to surrender his weapon after pleading guilty to carrying a firearm while under the influence. He was then barred from reapplying for gun ownership in the state of Oklahoma for two years.

This incident apparently did not prevent him from obtaining firearms in Arkansas several years later—or obtaining his dental license. He has posted a number of gun safety instructional videos to his YouTube channel.

Dr. Bratton with his firearm collection.

In February 2014, he pled guilty to public intoxication and resisting arrest in Pope County, where his Atkins clinic resides. According to a public records search, he had graduated dental school by the time of the November 2013 incident from which charges stemmed. 

Bratton, who claims to have been disowned by “almost all” of his friends, was recently seen practicing with an AR-patterned rifle at a shooting range; he was also wearing body armor in these images.

Before taking aim and firing, he says, “While you’re sitting around bitching about politics, I’m getting ready for the politics.”

“But since almost all of my IRL friends disowned me to breaking away from the ‘Branch Covidian,’…this is the only place I have to talk to folks…” writes Bratton.
“Getting ready for the politics” at a shooting range in a video posted by an acquaintance on August 28.

While not a prolific Twitter user, Dr. Bratton used his account to call the Uvalde, TX mass shooting death toll “rookie numbers:”

A tweet dated May 24, 2022 mocking child shooting victims.

Bratton also made a number of implicit threats against Democrat leaders, including President Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

In a shooting range video from November 2021, he says, “That’s fucking right, Let’s Go Brandon” before firing—a direct reference to President Joe Biden. And in another Facebook post from this August, he writes, “Nancy Pelosi and the establishment government stateside should all have coarse neckties attached to strong beam with a sudden drop.”

Bratton calling for the hanging of Democratic politicians on August 23.

Dr. Bratton also claims to have received a phone call from “the Secret Service” in response to reports regarding his social media content this past January. 

“I get calls from the Secret Service,” Bratton wrote on January 18.

LCRW was not able to confirm if such an investigation ever took place, though it would be unsurprising given the nature of his pages. 

In one comment chain, he offers words of support to alleged January 6 rioter Richard Barnett (infamously photographed with his feet up on a desk inside Speaker Pelosi’s office).

“It’s absolutely tyrannical what the feds are doing to you,” Bratton writes to Barnett—another Arkansas resident.

At the time of publication, the Arkansas State Board of Dental Examiners has not replied to LCRW’s request for comment on Dr. Bratton.

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