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American Coalition Party

  • EDITOR'S NOTE : Rose Henna is San Diego-based journalist focused on protest coverage. You can follow her work on Twitter here.

    San Diego has a history of far-right figureheads and political groups from Roger Ogden and his white nationalist website to the Justin Haskin’s Defend East County group. Recently a new white nationalist group in San Diego, American Coalition Party, gained a following and growing online presence. The group appears to promote an America First and White Nationalist Agenda by appealing to zealous patriotism.

    Damien Russell the leader of the American Coalition Party became known in right wing circles after an act of vandalism.

    “I found out about the “patriot march” on twitter when someone warned how their leader Damian Russell has previously destroyed George Floyd memorials in North Park and left white nationalist poster/stickers in the area,” a local antifascist activist wo wished to remain anonymous told LCRW.

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