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anti-Black racism

  • UPDATE 16 JUNE 2021, 6:03PM: This article was updated to include leaked private Instagram messages between Monterey County Protest, Serendipity Farms and Juneteenth Coalition.

    UPDATE 17 JUNE 2021, 2:45PM: This article was updated after the deadline for comment by the parties LCRW reached out to passed.

    A Monterey County nonprofit is calling off an event where people do unpaid labor in a field to somehow commemorate Juneteenth, the newly-recognized Federal Holiday celebrating the emancipation of slaves at the end of the Civil War. The aptly–named (or maybe not) Juneteenth Coalition’s event, “Anguish of the Elders” (archive,) was to be held in the wealthy Carmel Valley. The plan was for people to fast “from sunup to sundown,” show up to Serendipity Farms on Carmel Valley Road and “[perform] 246 minutes of field work for 246 years of enslavement.”

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  • EDITOR'S NOTE : Michelle Snider is an Oakland-based journalist. She writes for and edits The Panther Times and her portfolio can be found here. You can support her work on Patreon and through Paypal and Cashapp at $classic8media.

    White nationalist media propagandist Vincent James of Red Elephants took notice of Oakland, CA after recent reports of attacks on Asian residents in Chinatown. James, an associate neo-Nazi fight club the Rise Above Movement and holocaust denier Nick Fuentes’s America First movement, has spent the last two weeks working to create division among Asian and Black communities.

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