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    This weekend, antivaxxers held “End the Mandate” rallies around the country—the largest of which was in Washington D.C. on Sunday. The D.C. rally only drew a few thousand people despite a large stage and highly organized activist infrastructure and aggressive outreach. The events around the country were notable for their attendees’ antisemitism—both in the classical variety and Holocaust trivialization—numerous people, including speakers in D.C., compared their conspiracy theory-addled refusal to get the COVID19 vaccine to the plight of Jews during the Nazis’ systematic genocide campaign. Speakers on the stage also threatened to kill journalists and attendees advocated killing people who facilitate vaccinations for children.

    California had several rallies this weekend by antivaxxers, including two in the Bay Area—one in Oakland on the 22nd and one in Danville, a posh town half an hour east of Oakland, the next day. The Oakland rally was notable because right-wing conspiracy theorists have had very little success in the city. Other than the boog boy-pandering campaign of Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen rallying at Lake Merritt in 2020 and some post-Milo Berkeley alt-righters trying to troll a coffee shop in 2018, there has been very little overt far-right activity in Oakland. The Danville rally was notable only because it was well-received by presumed locals driving by, often in giant SUVs and trucks, and because the attendees seemed eager to be hostile to anyone who disagreed with them.

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    Multiple ‘freedom rallies’ scheduled to take place August 29 in California have been abandoned by national organizers. The events, originally scheduled to take place in San Francisco, Berkeley, Santa Monica, and San Diego, are in limbo after national organizers severed ties with their California chapter with no explanation.

    The Worldwide California group has descended into chaos as supporters of different GOP gubernatorial candidates fight with each other, fascists spam racial abuse and Nazi imagery, and regional subgroups shut down with no warning or reason given.

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