Left Coast Right Watch


  • EDITOR'S NOTE : Griffin Malone is an independent journalist covering Portland protests, far right, local politics, and the justice system. They can be found on twitter, @griffinmalone6, instagram, @griffinsjournalism and can be reached via Signal at 781-670-7233. Their Patreon is www.patreon.com/griffins and their cashapp is $griffinmalone

    A “freedom rally Caravan” was announced early in March and antifascists began planning a counter-demonstration. Right wing protests in Salem, especially during the nation-wide wave of “Stop the Steal” rallies between the election and inauguration. The number of protestors forced the cops to block the right wing caravan going to the capitol but that didn’t stop some altercations wherecars windows were shattered, weapons were drawn, and people were arrested.

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