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Capitol Storming

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    I got to the plaza in front of Springfield Library/City Hall right around 4 p.m. on Wednesday when the anti-mask, anti-vaccine, anti-critical race theory event hosted by Rob Davis and local real estate agent Amanda Crosswhite was supposed to start.

    Davis has been a constant presence throughout Eugene, Springfield, and Salem, Oregon, mostly organizing pro-Trump events.

    One of those present at this event was Tim Davis, a violent white supremacist who is a member of The American Patriot Society, was also present at the U. S. Capitol insurrection.

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  • Sean Michael McHugh, 34, a Proud Boy from Auburn, California was charged this week in federal court for his role in the January 6th Capitol storming. He’s accused of “assault on law enforcement with a deadly or dangerous weapon; obstruction of justice; and physical violence on Capitol grounds, among other charges.” According to the charging documents, McHugh is on video pushing a sign into a line of Capitol Police and spraying them with “an unknown chemical” on the West Terrace.

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    EDITOR'S NOTE : Jordan Hopkins (he/him) is a freelance independent journalist reporting on right-wing extremism in eastern Pennsylvania. You can find his work on Twitter @jhop_phl and at http://itsalienmuse.com. You can tip him for his work on Cashapp at $hopkinsxjordan. Secure comms at hopkinsjordan@protonmail.com.

    In the harried days following the J6 Capitol riots, mainstream media boiled about the collapse of the Republican party. Donald Trump raged at “RINO”s (Republicans-In-Name-Only) who had betrayed him and refused to back his attempted coup. Trump loyalists spoke openly of leaving the party entirely and forming a new coalition, separate from the moderates they viewed as traitors. Chatter quickly grew about a possible third party, one that would reject conservative politics entirely for a new political entity composed of Donald Trump’s most radical supporters. MAGA supporters, QAnon adherents, Proud Boys, and more, would all gather together under one big tent–a new way forward for all the disparate, quarreling ideologies of the American right.

    The Patriot Party never stood a chance.

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    EDITOR'S NOTE : Sarlacc Attack is a Pacific NorthWest-based researcher specializing in police brutality and fascist organizing. You can follow them on Twitter here and contribute to their work on Venmo (@Sarlacc_Attack) and Cashapp ($SarlaccAttack.)

    Late into the morning on January 6, 2021, about 300 men from the far-right fraternity known as the Proud Boys assembled on the eastern side of the Capitol Building across the street from the Supreme Court. They traveled from as far as Washington State to stop the Democrats from “stealing” the presidential election they presumed Trump would have surely won. How exactly would they negate the millions of votes cast in disfavor of their dear leader, though? They revealed their plot to reinstate Trump directly to a bevy of press photographers and to hundreds of strangers watching their every move via livestream.

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