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    EDITOR'S NOTE : Fascist street brawler Gabriel Lebaron built TikTok fame through sheer posting volume. Now, he’s using his platform to promote himself as a far-right minicelebrity, while targeting femmes for violence throughout the greater LA area. And he’s also lying about his military record.

    Gabriel Anthony Lebaron’s third TikTok of the day took a dark turn.

    After posting a video of himself wearing a Christmas hat and holding a Baby Yoda toy, followed by a video of himself lip-syncing Calum Scott’s sappy, maudlin mega-hit “You are the reason,” Lebaron stitched himself into a TikTok with a woman wearing a hijab on an airplane.

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  • Friday night April 26th while I was watching my friend DJ at someone’s 16th birthday, FBI agents arrested an ex-Army Infantryman named Mark Domingo. Feds spent weeks pretending to plot an attack with him. Beats thumped, my friend took a break to check on his infant son, and I ate pizza and stared at my phone. Meanwhile, the FBI persuaded Domingo to carry his attack out. They gave him a fake bomb. He bought nails for shrapnel. He thought he was going to plant it at a far-right rally in Long Beach I’d come to report on.

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