Left Coast Right Watch

Jeff Grace

  • EDITOR'S NOTE : Chip_nooo (he/him) is a full time video editor and freelance photographer residing in the Pacific North West. When not working or on the ground documenting political activism, he can usually be found napping or designing, shooting and 3D printing firearms. You can tip him for his work at $chipsneed on cashapp and @chip-sneed on Venmo.

    The weather was pristine on Sunday as I walked down Jefferson Street towards Tom McCall Water Front Park in downtown Portland. The sun was out and it couldn’t have been more than 75 degrees. Even though it was only 6 o’clock, I could already hear the familiar sound of gospel music drifting through the city. Along the way, I passed several families toting lawn chairs and sporting Jesus paraphernalia ranging from t-shirts to flags, hats and poster board signs. As someone that grew up in the church, none of this was new to me, although the flags were a slight surprise. Throughout the night I continued to see worshippers waving multicolored flags while dancing to the music played by Sean Feucht and his band.

    “This must be some new wave Christian shit,” I thought to myself.

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