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Kum N Go Shooting

  • UPDATE 10 SEPTEMBER 2021 5:03PM: This article was updated six months after its initial publication with new comment and new information from an interview subject and local media. It can be read at the section titled “THE FOLLOW UP” at the end of the story.

    On the Ides of March last year, 31-year-old Springfield, Missouri resident Joaquin Roman got in his car, got on the highway and started shooting at people.

    Casey Parish was driving home on Highway 65. She told the Springfield News-Leader she thought the popping noise was a blown-out tire. She looked at her dashboard. No indicator lights were on. She looked up and saw muzzle flashes from Roman’s car. Roman had been driving steady in front of her. Then he started swerving and shooting. Parish recalled he fired about seven or eight shots. She slowed down to gain distance between herself and the shooter. He got off the highway at Sunshine St. She kept going north. When she called 911, she was told others had reported the shooting as well. The first report had come in at 11:24PM that night.

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