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La Mesa

  • EDITOR'S NOTE : Tom Mann is a San Diego-based journalist. LCRW is trying to pay him $500 for his work. You can donate to him on cash app at $ib161.

    The intimidation planned for the August 1st “Justice for Womxn of Color” march in La Mesa wasn’t exactly covert. Then again, neither were the knives, bear spray cannisters, and clubs carried by the coalition of white supremacists, border militias, and assorted “patriots” who came together under the banner of Defend East County (DEC). The racists, who claimed to be there to prevent property damage, assaulted multiple people while police did nothing. Racists beat one Black child, leaving a huge bruise near her right kidney and another on her face, photos and off-the-record interviews conducted by LCRW confirm.

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