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    Last year, Don James Grundmann, a religious bigot with ties to the Proud Boys and founder of the National Straight Pride Coalition, tried to hold a “Straight Pride Parade” in Modesto, CA. Grundmann’s intent was to hijack the “Straight Pride” branding of a Boston-based fascist group called Resist Marxism, who got national attention for the stunt. To capitalize off the Boston event, Grundmann wanted to hold his event a week before Resist Marxism’s. At the first Straight Pride Event in Modesto last year, the National Straight Pride Coalition struggled with PR, denied permits due to lack of insurance, and then the day of the event a handful of bigots got chased out of a barn they rented for the event by the owners, and got shouted down by a hundred or more antifascists, and liberals from the Modesto Pride Center.

    This year, it was a rough one.

  • "Peaceful, racist group" National Straight Pride Coalition Returning to Stanislaus County 8/29

    Flyer for the 'Straight Pride Event'
    Flyer for the ‘Straight Pride Event’
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    UPDATE 24 JULY 2020 1:00PM: The initial post identified Matthew Mason as the organizer of the counter-protest, but it was Chris Holland who organized the event, while Matthew later agreed to be a marshall.

    Mylinda Mason and Don Grundmann’s National Straight Pride Coalition are returning to Modesto on 29 August 2020 to hold the Second Annual Stanislaus County Straight Pride Event. Mason and Grundmann’s first Straight Pride Parade was marred with complications and family drama.