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    EDITOR'S NOTE : Jordan Hopkins (he/him) is an independent journalist reporting on right-wing extremism in eastern Pennsylvania. You can find his work on Twitter @jhop_phl and at itsalienmuse.com. You can tip him for his work on Cashapp at $hopkinsxjordan. Secure comms at hopkinsjordan@protonmail.com.

    UPDATE 16 SEPTEMBER 2021 9:00PM: A previous version of this article identified Jackson Bradley as a participant in a January 2021 leafleting action captured on video in Philadelphia. Upon further investigation, this information cannot be verified. This article has been edited to reflect this development.

    An April “White Lives Matter” rally planned to take place in Philadelphia is being organized primarily by members of the New Jersey European Heritage Association, or NJEHA. An SLPC-designated hate group, NJEHA was formed in 2018 and has a wide presence in the Northeast United States. The Telegram group “White Lives Matter Philadelphia” is operated by previously-identified NJEHA member Jackson Browning Bradley, a white supremacist and neo-Nazi with a long history of far-right activity in the Delaware Valley.

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  • UPDATE 10 SEPTEMBER 2021 5:03PM: This article was updated six months after its initial publication with new comment and new information from an interview subject and local media. It can be read at the section titled “THE FOLLOW UP” at the end of the story.

    On the Ides of March last year, 31-year-old Springfield, Missouri resident Joaquin Roman got in his car, got on the highway and started shooting at people.

    Casey Parish was driving home on Highway 65. She told the Springfield News-Leader she thought the popping noise was a blown-out tire. She looked at her dashboard. No indicator lights were on. She looked up and saw muzzle flashes from Roman’s car. Roman had been driving steady in front of her. Then he started swerving and shooting. Parish recalled he fired about seven or eight shots. She slowed down to gain distance between herself and the shooter. He got off the highway at Sunshine St. She kept going north. When she called 911, she was told others had reported the shooting as well. The first report had come in at 11:24PM that night.

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    “I’ve never in my life seen the cops get so scared that they turned away from protesters and were facing Nazis with their batons out,” Jen said. “Never seen that shit. That never happens. At least not down here.”

    On Monday, protesters at a Black Lives Matter rally in Norco, a city in Riverside County, California was overwhelmed by violent racists. Some of the fascist mob beat BLM protesters and brandished weapons at them.

    LCRW spoke to “Sam” and “Jen,” two attendees of the rally. Both gave their accounts of the ordeal using aliases out of fear of being targeted by local neo-Nazis and other far-right extremists.

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