Left Coast Right Watch

Olympia, WA

  • EDITOR'S NOTE : Alissa Azar is a Portland-based journalist. You can find some of her work on her Twitter and Instagram, and support her journalism on her Patreon. You can tip Alissa for her work on Venmo at @R3volutionDaddy and Cashapp at $pdxalissa. Send her any tips or events to cover at r3volutiondaddy@protonmail.com

    On September 4th, a group of antifascists met up in a park to counter continuing far-right demonstrations in downtown Olympia. Fascist groups like the Proud Boys had been regularly gathering every Saturday at the Washington State Capitol building under the guise of rallying against mask and vaccine mandates. As is typical with far-right groups, these events were really just cover to recruit new members and assault anyone they deemed “Antifa”.

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