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Portland Police Bureau


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    EDITOR'S NOTE : TJ Partridge is a Portland-based journalist who plans to cover ongoing issues in the city for LCRW. You can help pay for his hard work on CashApp here and Venmo at the address @LABreaux. We’re trying to raise $350 to pay him for this article and his live coverage last night.

    On the heels of a night wherein the Portland Police Bureau beat, flashbanged, and gassed a crowd through the streets of outer Southeast Portland, the teenage-led activist group Youth Liberation Front posted a follow up call to action in the East Portland neighborhood. The announcement, of course, was not unnoticed by the Portland Police Bureau, whose official Twitter account stated unequivocally that “this call for direct action… will not go unanswered,” and that it “[meant] there [was] intent to engage in violent actions.” The interaction would prove to influence both fear in protesters’ minds and anger in the actions of the PPB officers later in the evening.

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