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    EDITOR'S NOTE : Waterspider has been filming the LA protest scene since last summer. Her Twitter is @waterspider__ and her Cashapp is $AWaterspider. Desertborder is an LA-based researcher who really, really hates fascism. You can find him on Twitter @desertborder. His Cashapp is $fuckgarcetti.

    California governor Gavin Newsom, facing a recall election on September 14, often refers to the recall effort as a Republican power grab. He’s right—the recall got off the ground thanks to the tireless efforts of Proud Boys, QAnoners and Covid conspiracy theorists, and is heavily funded by MAGA money. But who are the actual candidates running against him?

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  • A police Sergeant and GOP committeeperson suspected of trying to help cover up a bizarre politically-motivated car attack on Chicago’s northwest side is under fire for her homophobic comments made on Facebook this week.

    In screenshots taken from the Facebook profile of Sgt Amelia (Ammie) Kessem, she accused a library worker of trying to “indoctrinate” her 6-year old child with gay pride decor—and it’s not the first time she’s accused educators of sinister designs on children.

    This incident comes less than a year after she helped spearhead a campaign to get a Chicago Public Schools instructor fired for supporting Black Lives Matter protests.

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