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  • On Monday, Trump came to Sacramento in between campaign events to be briefed on the massive wildfires happening across the West Coast and hold a press conference. His supporters and counter-protestors both showed up outside Sacramento McClellan Airport where he landed. At least Three civilian drivers and one highway patrolman used their vehicles to attack anti-racist counter-protestors. At least two people left in ambulances.

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      by ABNER HÄUGE | Left Coast Right Watch

    This is an updated version of a story that ran yesterday. It includes an interview with the activist at the center of the incident and information from police documents.

    “The pride festival was over, and initially we were just trying to walk from it to other local festivities. We hear the religious protesters,” Marcello recounts, “So Angie asks me if I’m uncomfortable hearing them and if we should leave or do something.”

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  • In Angie’s video, her friend Marcello, a queer activist in a tie-dye shirt, holds a trans pride flag and dances around in front of a bearded street preacher with a red tie and a suit vest. Angie said that she and Marcello and went to confront them outside of the Capitol Building and that other activists joined in to counter-protest.

    “Repent! God will judge you if you do not repent and you will end up in hell! We love you but God is just!” the preacher booms through a PA system.

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