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  • With a new year comes new challenges, and one of the biggest struggles for antifascists is the unhealthy relationship between right wing propagandists and a security-industrial complex that claims to protect the public but actually enables and amplifies terror.

    For much of 2021, LCRW has been monitoring a subset of the Terrorgram network that publishes the ‘Saint Calendar.’ Month by month, white supremacists celebrate historical acts of violence that shaped their movement, and document them exhaustively in hopes of inspiring more. At the time of writing, they have produced 94 posters glorifying the murder of over 600 people.

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  • As of May 26th, there were at least 232 mass shootings in the United States this year. On May 27th, Coleman Thomas Blevins, age 28, told an online message board he’d go to a Walmart and commit yet another. Kerr County Sherriff’s Office in Texas arrested him last Friday “on a warrant for a Terroristic Threat to Create Public Fear of Serious Bodily Injury.”

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