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Three Percenters

  • EDITOR'S NOTE : Owen Grady is a young journalist living in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. We’re trying to pay him $250 for his work here. You can help us by paying him what you can at $velocinaptor on cash app.

    Los Angeles sees itself as an idyllic melting pot. Every few miles is an entirely new community. Each town has its own individual culture and history. Many residents shelter in their own neighborhood’s bubble and have an unrealistic assumption that L.A. is free of racism and bigotry. But it’s right next door.

    Residents of Tujunga and neighboring La Crescenta know all too well of the city’s past as a hotbed of white supremacy within L.A. County. Others do not.

    Among various white supremacist groups in the area: Knights of The Ku Klux Klan, Atomwaffen Division, skinheads, Hells Angels, Peckerwoods.

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