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Tina Peters

  • UPDATE 21 AUGUST 2021 11:55AM: After publishing this article with Ron Watkins’s lawyer Ty Clevenger’s initial comment, Clevenger emailed LCRW and updated his response, included below.

    Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters went into a secure room with a currently unknown man who took photos and video of voting machine passwords. Peters then handed the information to conspiracy theory promoter and former 8Chan/8Kun operator Ron Watkins. Watkins used video of the machines to promote Trump’s claims the 2020 election was stolen from him. He claimed the video showed a “whistleblower” from Dominion Voting Systems talking to another Dominion employee talking about how to remotely access the machines. But audio analysis of the video appears to show it’s actually Watkins and Peters talking on camera, which would mean Watkins participated in the breach of the voting machines.

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