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  • On Monday, Trump came to Sacramento in between campaign events to be briefed on the massive wildfires happening across the West Coast and hold a press conference. His supporters and counter-protestors both showed up outside Sacramento McClellan Airport where he landed. At least Three civilian drivers and one highway patrolman used their vehicles to attack anti-racist counter-protestors. At least two people left in ambulances.

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      by ABNER HÄUGE

    The swelling crowd looms up and hits me psychically like a wave I couldn’t tell was too damn big.




    On every corner of Hollywood and Vine, the foam from an internet swell hisses in my ears. I can’t even hear their babble for the semi-coherent conspiracy theories they’re evangelizing. It’s just the wash of the crazy tide. It’s Ten in the fucking morning and it’s over 95 degrees out. There’s hundreds of people. They’re like a single amoebic life form bubbling and grasping everything they can around it. They ritualistically all cross from their street corners into the middle of the intersection when the lights turn red and parade around with all their banners and signs and flags.

    “SAVE THE CHILDREN. DESTROY THE PREDATORS,” one sign reads. “#PIZZAGATE,” another reads.

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