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White Lives Matter


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    There’s a graffiti war going on in North Texas right now between Nazis and antifascists. Most of it, according to Dallas-area antifascists LCRW spoke to is just Patriot Front, the spinoff of Unite the Right marchers Vanguard America. The group is well known for putting up stickers and not doing much else these days. The uptick in graffiti also stems a bit from the constantly failing White Lives Matter rallies. Read more →
  • UPDATE MAY 6, 1:11PM: This article has been updated to include information on another NSC member, Michael Moura, who was recently arrested and new information from Hazelton’s hearing on Wednesday.

    On October 2nd, 2019, a mother used her ten-year-old daughter’s Instagram to message a neo-Nazi. She told him, “You fucking pedo do not contact my daughter again kill yourself.”

    The same day, Penobscot County Sheriffs got a complaint from the mother. According to an FBI affidavit requesting a search warrant, she found her daughter’s “phone was going off.” She found a text exchange between her daughter and a man calling himself “Andrew” whose username was “hazelman93” and said he was 26. He asked the child for explicit photos–and got them.

    The Sheriffs figured out that it was a South Portland, Maine resident named Andrew Hazelton. An antifascist collective called “Garfield but Antifascist” (Garf for short) figured out he was a member of a neo-Nazi group called National Socialist Club, members of which participated in the January 6th Capitol storming in Washington DC.

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  • EDITOR'S NOTE : Bella Davis is one of the best journalists reporting in New Mexico right now. You can contribute to her work on Cash App at $bladvs or Venmo at @bladvs.

    “The Proud Boys and other white supremacist groups should never be given the space to feel comfortable openly displaying hatred in Albuquerque,” Zoey Craft, co-founder of the student activist organization Fight For Our Lives, said.

    A “White Lives Matter” rally that was expected to take place in downtown Albuquerque on Sunday and be attended by local Proud Boys was a failure–just as other such events nationwide had been. White Lives Matter rallies were organized on Telegram in cities across the country but when the day came, it was mostly anti-racist protesters who gathered.

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