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  • EDITOR'S NOTE : Scans of the full memo obtained by LCRW can be viewed at the bottom of this article.

    A memo published by the Office of Intelligence and Analysis (OIA), part of the Department of Homeland Security, on August 17th says that violent extremists motivated by ideologies like white supremacy “could quickly mobilize to threaten or engage in violence against election or campaign-related targets in response to perceived partisan and policy-based grievances.”

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  • Friday night April 26th while I was watching my friend DJ at someone’s 16th birthday, FBI agents arrested an ex-Army Infantryman named Mark Domingo. Feds spent weeks pretending to plot an attack with him. Beats thumped, my friend took a break to check on his infant son, and I ate pizza and stared at my phone. Meanwhile, the FBI persuaded Domingo to carry his attack out. They gave him a fake bomb. He bought nails for shrapnel. He thought he was going to plant it at a far-right rally in Long Beach I’d come to report on.

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  • (Correction 5:59pm, 4/18/19: Horna was previously reported as opening for All That Remains. They actually just had a show at the same venue on a different stage.)

    In Finnish, “Horna” means ‘abyss’ or ‘hell.’

    Horna is a Finnish black metal band with extensive ties to national socialist black metal (NSBM.) What is NSBM? Well, most people know “national socialists” better as Nazis.

    Horna attempted to play 14 shows across the United States between March 28th and April 10th.

    11 shows were cancelled.

    3 shows kept the original venues.

    5 shows had to change venues in the same city.

    4 shows had to be moved to different cities.

    2 shows didn’t find new venues.

    3 shows had to change venues twice or more.

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