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January 2, 2023 by LCRW STAFF

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Remember back in August 2021 when the Delta variant was raging throughout Oregon, and over 2,000 anti-vaccine zealots made national headlines for protesting a hospital in Southern Oregon? We do.

In Jackson County, Oregon, COVID denialism provided a massive opportunity for Neo-Nazis, sovereign citizens, and the so-called Patriot movement to build a populist, far-right movement. While the pandemic-related protests fizzled out by the end of 2021, their conspiratorial legacy remains. They even took over the local Republican Party.

Surrounded by rural mountains in a region known for weed, mountain biking, and militia politics, Jackson County is home to roughly a quarter million people. In the area’s largest city, Medford, the first big COVID denial protest took place in mid-May 2020. Defying statewide restrictions on public gatherings, Medford police announced their support for the protest early on, and Republican County Commissioner Colleen Roberts was a featured speaker.

“It comes down to this,” Roberts asked the crowd of hundreds, “are we a free state, or are we a police state?”

News reports identified the rally organizers as Amy Rose and April McDonald. A Facebook post from the day shows Rose, McDonald, and other COVID denialists posing for a photograph with Jackson County Sheriff Nathan Sickler and then-Medford Police Chief Scott Clauson. As it turns out, Amy Rose and April McDonald are local leaders of People’s Rights, the far-right network led by insurrectionist Ammon Bundy. Coincidence?

A facebook post from Megan Terk depicting six women, one holding a thin blue line flag, standing posed with two police officers
Sheriff Sickler and Chief Clauson pose with fashy anti-maskers; People’s Rights organizer Amy Rose is left of Clauson, April McDonald is on the far-right.
A screenshot of the People's Rights website showing a map of Oregon divided by county, with some counties color-coded into regions. A section called "My Area" says "Each person that uses People's RIghts resides in a geographical area. That area may be big, it may be small, but it's your own. YOu're familiar with it and those who live in it. Those other people around you are your neighbors If you don't know them (or they don't know oyu) it's time to get better acquainted. They may be the eact people coming to your aid when you need help, and the more you know-personally-the more will come running to your aid when you need help So get to know your area and the people in it! All states are divided into areas and the people that live in each area are connected by area assistants. Your Oregon 4 area assistants: Amy Rose, April McDonald.
Screenshot from People’s Rights “members only” directory, identifying Rose and McDonald as leaders for Jackson County.

For County Commissioner Colleen Roberts, however, the militia fangirls just weren’t fascist enough. By August 2020, Roberts moved on to building relationships with Neo-Nazis Keith Michael “Biome” Erickson and Gregg Marchese. 

Biome and Marchese were a big deal in the local COVID denialist scene, and their Nazi exploits have been well documented by Rose City Antifa and Corvallis Antifa. Commissioner Roberts, Biome, and Marchese were also in regular contact with a pseudo-legal group called the Constitutional Law Group. Apparently all of them were deep-diving into COVID conspiracies together.

Telegram chat logs shared with LCRW by Rose City Antifa point to a man named Christo as the key contact for the Constitutional Law Group. This is likely Christo Hartman – also known as Christo Hart – current leader of the sovereign citizen-styled group Americans in Action. Board minutes from the Jackson County Commissioners meetings reveal how Marchese and Hartman spouted their bizarre conspiracy theories at multiple Commissioner meetings together. At times, Marchese was joined by People’s Rights leader Amy Rose, fellow Neo-Nazi Biome, failed Republican senate candidate Kevin Christman, and others.

Telegram chat logs reveal the Constitutional Law Group collaborations with Neo-Nazis Biome and Marchese (username “rogueop NS”).

Gregg Marchese once wrote an article for the hardcore antisemitic Barnes Review entitled “Hitler’s Amazing Revolution: His Vision for Germany.” In 2020, Marchese’s posted in “Open Oregon” – one of the largest COVID denial Facebook groups in the country, founded by Talent, Oregon resident Larry Sykes. His posts alternated between Holocaust denial and recruiting speakers for County Commissioner meetings.

Marchese recruits COVID deniers to Jackson County Commissioner meetings and complains about Nazis being unfairly “demonized” in the Open Oregon Facebook group.

In mid-November 2020, Marchese called on Open Oregon members to attend an upcoming County Commissioner meeting in support of his pal Commissioner Roberts. “I suggest we call in great numbers to express our support for Commissioner Colleen Roberts,” wrote Marchese. “Colleen has taken some criticism for her views, and I told her in a phone call today that many more of us support her than she knows.” At that meeting, Marchese and Hartman used the opportunity to spout thinly veiled antisemitic New World Order conspiracy theories about the “Great Reset” and Agenda 21. This is a classic way Neo-Nazis promote their cause: find something people are upset about, in case this COVID, and then blame it on Jewish people or a stand-in for them.

Marchese recaps his experience breaking into the Oregon Capitol in December 2020, declaring “patriots will need to be better organized and equipped. We need Far Greater Numbers.”
Two weeks later, he promoted a local “Stop the Steal” protest for January 6, 2021.

While cozying up to elected officials like Commissioner Roberts, Gregg Marchese also flirted with insurrection. On December 21, 2020, Marchese was one of the far-right protestors who breached the Oregon State Capitol during a closed legislative session. On January 6th, Marchese was apparently stuck in Southern Oregon organizing a local “Stop the Steal” rally, but his Neo-Nazi pal Biome may have been present in DC.

On January 8, 2021, Marchese found himself banned from the Open Oregon Facebook group. “I have been banned from that group,” he wrote in another Facebook group. “I have been given no reason why.” We don’t know why either – maybe after the failed coup attempt in DC, Open Oregon decided to cut their losses.

Gregg Marchese complaining on Facebook to the group Jackson County Uniting for Liberty: DID YOU SEE OPEN OREGON? Open Oregon was a fakebook group that was similar at the state level as this group is in our county. Is anyone a member of Open Oregon and can go there and see it? I no longer see it in notifications and not even in searches.

Marchese later comments that he's been banned from Open Oregon and given "no reason why."
Neo-Nazi Marchese is banned from the Open Oregon Facebook page after January 6th.

Meanwhile, Marchese’s sovereign citizens allies were busy experimenting with new ways to mainstream their toxic conspiracies. In February 2021, Christo Hartman launched his Americans in Action organization with the “Love of Liberty” events in Phoenix, Oregon and Klamath Falls. These eight hour plus events moderated by Hartman featured a never-ending slog of pseudo-legal arguments about the “illegality” of COVID lockdowns, and more. Speakers included bigoted Pastor Mike Voight, Senator Dennis Linthicum, Constitutional Sheriffs Mark Lamb and Richard Mack, and an array of lesser known anti-government conspiracy theorists.

A star-spangled flyer for an event called "Americans in action and constitutional counties united present Love of Liberty, restoring our republic one county at a time." Saturday, February 27th 9am to 6pm with special guest speakers live in person and online: Senator Dennis Linthicum, Sheriff Mark Lamb, Pastor Dave Bryan, Dr. Henry Ealy, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Bob Robertson, Sheriff Richard Mack, Jack and Margy Flynn, Peggy Hall, Dr Carrie Madej, Josh Del Sol, John Moselage, Marc Thielman, Lenka Koloma, Christo Hartmen. At City on a Hill Church, 150 S. Main St. Phoenix, OR.
Flyer from Americans in Action’s first nine-hour bullshit fest in Phoenix, Oregon.

Six and a half hours into the Klamath Falls event, which was cohosted by People’s Rights Klamath, “health recovery” grifter Jason Christoff explained that COVID vaccines are actually the next step in a convoluted mind control plot led by the United States military. “We’re in World War III,” said Christoff. Naturally, this sinister plot is being advanced by the “most advanced weapon that they’ve ever developed – this takeover is based on the TV.” Christoff has a YouTube channel where you can watch hours of him talking about how evil screens are.

Jason Christoff rants about mind controlling digital screens while attending the Klamath Falls event via Zoom.

The presence of elected officials like Linthicum – who Corvallis Antifa also linked to antisemite Kevin Goodrich and of course Neo-Nazi Marchese – served to legitimize the bizarre conspiracy theories running rampant at these events. By appealing to populist fears and anxieties, COVID denialism provided an excellent opportunity for far-right actors to recruit and radicalize new members.

At the core of Americans in Action’s pseudo-legal theories is the idea that the federal government and its laws are illegitimate. The group’s leadership is essentially a docket of Jackson County Commissioner meeting attendees – familiar names from the AIA website include Hartman, a local real estate agent named Sharon “Ananda” Coniff, and Clark Mangelsdorf.

Five portraits framed in ovals of Christo Hartman, Madalena Vie, Jason Ian, Ananda and Clark Mangelsdorf.
Familiar faces from the Jackson County Commissioner meetings, the sovereign citizen leadership of Americans in Action.

By the summer of 2021, AIA joined forces with an emergent coalition of far-right COVID denial groups known collectively as Southern Oregon First. Heralded by Ryan Mallory, a Talent, Oregon-based marketing professional and so-called “Patriot,” Southern Oregon First rallied over 2,000 people to protest Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center, one of the largest hospitals in Southwestern Oregon.  While people were dying in the hospital’s ICU at the peak of the Delta variant, Southern Oregon First was outside the hospital to protest against vaccine mandates.

Once again, these COVID denial protests served as a form of “entryism” into far-right politics and conspiracy theories of all kinds. “The Southern Oregon case,” wrote the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights, “is a prime example of how COVID denial provides a steady flow of newly radicalized activists into the far-right pipeline.”

In their self-congratulatory YouTube videos, Southern Oregon First featured an array of familiar faces, including People’s Rights organizers Amy Rose and April McDonald (née Solesbee), Christo Hartman, and Larry Sykes, the founder of Open Oregon Facebook group. Southern Oregon First protests were also attended by Neo-Nazis Gregg Marchese and Biome Erickson.

A man smiling at a microphone on a livestream with a panel at top right that reads "Americans in Action for the love of liberty" and a logo for "Southern Oregon First freedom-focused media" on the bottom right
Southern Oregon First platforms sovereign citizen and Neo-Nazi collaborator Christo Hartman on YouTube.

On his Facebook page, Ryan Mallory is listed as Southern Oregon First’s “owner, founder, editor,” and his importance in the network cannot be overstated. Jackson County’s COVID denialists spent months experimenting with different ways to radicalize and recruit new members. As a local rightwing “influencer,” it was through Mallory’s support the Nazi sympathizing, conspiracy-minded COVID denialists were finally able to mobilize a massive populist base, all while deepening ties to pro-law enforcement groups and the so-called Patriot movement.

Ryan Mallory is most closely associated with the Three Percenter ideology. He was the lead organizer in the anti-environmentalist “No Monument” campaign, which opposed the 2017 expansion of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in Northern California and Southern Oregon. During that time Mallory actively collaborated with the Jackson County III%, which was then a formal organization led by Jason Williams and James Hanger.

A flyer that says "protect access to public land. heritage, history, culture, livelihoods. 4x4 rally saturday feb 18th 2017 in southern oregon" with a logo that says "no monument our land our voice" with a III% logo on it
The Three Percenter logo, signified as III%, is clearly identifiable in Ryan Mallory’s previous “No Monument” campaign.

In 2017, Williams and Mallory ran a pro-gun Facebook group called “Turning Oregon red Jackson county.” The group’s cover photo depicts an infamous moment from the Oregon State Capitol, when far-right gun advocates burned an effigy of Governor Kate Brown in 2016. This is apparently a favorite aesthetic of Jason Williams, whose current Facebook profile picture shows a man armed with a long gun while the White House burns in the background. In 2022, Mallory’s Facebook friends include Trent Ulrey, the resident of Gold Hill, Oregon who helped organize Portland’s violent, far-right “No to Marxism” rally in August 2020.

the cover photo of the facebook group 'turning oregon red jackson county' with protesters holding a sign that says 'keep your laws off our rights kate'
The “Turning Oregon Red” Facebook group run Ryan Mallory and Three Percenter Jason Williams, with a cover photo of Governor Kate Brown’s soon-to-burned effigy at the Oregon capitol.

Ryan Mallory also collaborates with Jackson County III%ers on their annual Christmas tree giveaway. Although the group rebranded themselves as Patriotic Revolution in recent years, in 2016 the event was openly coordinated by Three Percenters including Jason Williams and Patti Robinson. Robinson, who is another one of Mallory’s Facebook friends, is a self-described “III% Proud” woman who apparently followed QAnon deep “down the rabbit hole of child trafficking, human sacrifice and Satanism.”

Top left: Patti Robinson sharing a meme of an eagle turning into a flag that says "III% proud" Top right: Patti Robinson sharing a video titled "Child victim of satanic ritual abuse returns to windsor castle to call out the pedophile queen". Bottom: Ryan Mallory sharing a video of himself with caption "6th annual patriot christmas tree giveaway...we need more people with trucks to help cut threes on saturday december 18th! please reach out to patti robinson or myself"
Patti Robinson’s love for III%ers and QAnon makes her a top choice collaborator for Ryan Mallory.

Ryan Mallory is also a major cheerleader for police. On his Thief Hunter Labs podcast, Mallory has hosted multiple law enforcement agents, including Jackson County’s Sheriffs’ Jail Commander Josh Aldrich. On Facebook, Mallory runs a series of massively popular “citizen operated crime and public safety” groups, where members report local police scanner updates and crowdsource tips on alleged crimes. In Jackson County, his “Scanner” Facebook group has over 80,000 members, and Mallory used this network to promote Southern Oregon First events with great success.

Ryan Mallory sharing a flyer from Southern Oregon First that says "Southern Oregon Medical Rights Meet-Up at Rogue Regional Medical Center (sidewalk on barnett) Join us August 25, 2021 4:45 prayer walk 6pm meetup. The flyer depicts a bunch of scowling women
Mallory uses his “Jackson County Scanner – Oregon” Facebook group to mobilize COVID deniers – the blonde women pictured in the post is People’s Rights organizer April McDonald.

Rather than obscure their relationship between neo-Nazis, Bundy followers and other far-right actors, the Southern Oregon First website actively recommends followers join groups like the Three Percenter’s Patriotic Revolution and sovereign citizen group Americans in Action. As the “Groups to Join” page on Southern Oregon First’s website declares, “Get involved and find YOUR network of people!”

The Southern Oregon First webpage list of "groups to join" including maskless women of southern oregon, scanner group, patriotic revolution, americans in action, bear creek greenway recovery project
The far-right pipeline – from COVID denial to Three Percenters (Patriotic Revolution) and sovereign citizens (Americans in Action).

As it turns out, that network includes the official Jackson County Republican Party. In June 2021, an anonymous blog post on Southern Oregon First declared that the only way to stop “the neo-Marxist ideologies that have permeated our institutions and divided society” was by recruiting so-called Patriots to take over the local Republican Party.

“Mike Pence chose NOT to stand up for We the People and secure our elections,” another anonymous Southern Oregon First blogger wrote in July 2021. “We need Patriots to restore honor and integrity to our government.” In a dramatic effort to “save the country,” the blogger concluded their rant with a link to the “Precinct Strategy” website.

Steve Bannon's War Room screenshot with the header "The Precinct Strategy is How We'll Win"
Steve Bannon using his show “War Room” to promote the same Precinct Strategy endorsed by Southern Oregon First and the Jackson County Republicans.

Popularized by Steve Bannon, the Precinct Strategy was a driving force in far-right politics leading up to the 2022 midterms, according to ProPublica and The Guardian. An antidote to a failed Capitol Insurrection – next time, just takeover the Republican Party and use its electoral authority to create your own election results! – if you paid attention to the midterms elections in states like Arizona, you know how this is playing out there.

The Precinct Strategy relies on recruiting far-right actors to run local GOPs as Precinct Committee Persons (PCP). In Jackson County, the party’s PCP coordinator is none other than Southern Oregon First leader Scott Morgan. Morgan has appeared in multiple Southern Oregon First YouTube videos, and he matches the description for the Telegram user “Rogue Valley.” As “Rogue Valley,” Morgan serves alongside Ryan Mallory as an administrator for Southern Oregon First’s Telegram channel.

Scott Morgan aka “Rogue Valley” uses his position as admin of the Southern Oregon First Telegram channel to recruit for the Jackson County Republican Party.

Precinct Committee Persons records obtained from the Jackson County Clerk show there were 109 PCPs in 2018-2020. By the end December 2022, there were 175, representing a 60% increase. Current Jackson County GOP PCPs include Mary Wallis, who appears in multiple Southern Oregon First videos and is the group’s staff photographer; election denier Amber Richardson who was profiled by local media alongside Gregg Marchese as a “leader of the anti-vax movement;” and the current Secretary of the local Jackson County Republican Party, Vickie Westbrooks, is active in the Southern Oregon First Telegram channel.

two people with glazed over looks in their eyes sitting in front of a green screen on a youtube talk show with the title "rogue political orphans
Jackson County Republican PCP coordinator Scott Morgan and GOP PCP Mary Wallis promoting their far-right politics on Southern Oregon First.

During this time period, the Neo-Nazi Marchese and other COVID deniers remained a constant presence at County Commissioner meetings. But in October 2021, Marchese announced that he was he was leaving the state of Oregon and moving to Texas. In his final fond farewell to Commissioner Roberts, Marchese told the county that his comments in November would be “his last public comment as he is leaving for a state that is more defensible against the neo-communist revolution… He said that additional tyranny is to come and the multi-trillionaire, satanic cult is enacting a death agenda and totalitarian control from a disease scare.” Jackson County Assessor records confirm that Marchese’s house in Phoenix, Oregon was sold on October 20, 2021.

The Jackson County GOP goes all in on election denial, and promotes the QAnon and Neo-Nazi sympathizing “Redpill Corner.”

Unfortunately, Marchese’s departure didn’t stop his GOP compatriots from going down the far-right rabbit hole. Last summer, the party’s Central Committee unanimously passed a resolution rejecting the 2020 election results. In the recent midterms, Colleen Roberts – Marchese’s favorite elected official – secured the local GOP’s endorsement and was re-elected for another four year term as County Commissioner. The Jackson County GOP website even includes a “Redpill Corner” where you can find links to Steve Bannon’s “War Room,” classic QAnon favorite film Plandemic, and “Human Events Daily,” the podcast hosted by fellow Neo-Nazi collaborator Jack Posobiec.


LCRW staff wrote this article under the supervision of Editor in Chief Abner Häuge.


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