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Over the past few years, she was simply known as “the narrator”—the disembodied voice that reads mass murderer manifestos, how-to guides on attacking critical infrastructure and collections of short essays written by an anonymous collective of white supremacists and accelerationists—the people hell-bent on causing the collapse of society.

Her name is Dallas Erin Humber, and she’s deeply involved with the online network of violent, militant bigots known as Terrorgram

On October 12th last year, a 19-year-old white supremacist went on a killing spree that he’d planned for months. He shot and killed two people and wounded a third outside of Tepláreň, a popular gay bar in Bratislava, Slovakia before fleeing and ultimately committing suicide the next morning. 

In the aftermath, residents of Bratislava were left to contend with the tragedy, and the LGBTQ+ community, family and friends of the victims were mourning the loss of two of their own. Meanwhile, a ragtag group of militant accelerationists were also mourning. But for them, the real tragedy wasn’t the murder of the actual victims—it was the loss of one of their own whose planned spree of terror was cut short. 

The murderer’s actions were the end result of three years of radicalization, a path that led directly to an online echochamber that exists solely to foment acts of terror and racially charged violence. He was inspired by others who’d done attacks like his and the propaganda and memes that glorified them after the fact. In his manifesto, he directly credited the Terrorgram Collective, the aforementioned group of anonymous accelerationists, for their “writing, art and political texts” and thanked them for their “practical guides”.

The network of terror enthusiasts immediately exploited the events in Bratislava. They ordained the young gunman as “Terrorgram’s first Saint” – the first person to unequivocally state that the murders they committed were directly influenced by their network’s propaganda. Among those who rushed to commemorate this newest “Saint” and honor his “contribution to their cause” was Terrorgram’s resident voiceover artist, Dallas Humber, who until now had only been known as “the narrator”, “the wahmen” (derogatory slang for “woman”) or by her chosen monikers: “Miss Gorehound” and “M G”. 

Humber described the gunman’s manifesto as “fucking fire,” adding that the murderer’s words would “resonate intensely with [the listener’s] very soul” while dismissing the victims with casual slurs. Before starting her reading of the screed, she ended her intro with a variation of her catchphrase:

 “Let’s get this party started, terror bros”. 

Just two days later, Humber and a co-collaborator released a much-hyped (in their network at least) “documentary”, which they dedicated to the Slovakian gunman. For nearly 30 minutes, clips of news footage, live-streamed massacres and recycled Atomwaffen Division propaganda flash in sync with a synthwave soundtrack. Humber’s voice drones on throughout the duration of the retro-styled nightmare, listing off nearly 100 attacks against infrastructure, the government and marginalized groups of people in what she calls their “legacy of White Terror.” 

Screenshots from a Telegram channel showing a post containing the “White Terror” documentary video accompanied by a caption that reads: “White Terror. A Terrorgram Production. A 24 minute documentary timeline chronicling the attacks carried out by every Saint in the Pantheon (April 1968-May 2022). Join us and celebrate our glorious and bloody legacy of white terror. Say their names. Share their stories. Hail our saints.”  A second screenshot shows a video still that has “RWBC : Right Wing Book Club” written across the screen.  A third screenshot shows two comments to the video written by “Leo Solaris”. The first reads: “If this doesn’t radicalize a thousand men to revolution then I don’t know”. Eight hours later he comments again, saying: “After fully viewing, I gotta say it’s a pretty good piece of propaganda. The music creeped me out a little. And was that Grace narrating? But yeah, my boy McLeod ending last year pretty solid. Who’s going to send this year out with a bang?”
Dallas Humber (as RWBC) collaborated on a documentary to “celebrate [their] glorious and bloody legacy”— and no one was more excited than recently arrested full-time nazi and sometimes pants pooper Luke Kenna (Leo Solaris).

Humber’s current role as a mouthpiece for white supremacy isn’t as surprising as it may initially seem. It’s just the latest stop on a two-decade trek through the underworld of the internet– one that began when she was just 13. Humber described herself at that age as a “hopeless fangirl” for serial killers. Back then, she paid homage to some of history’s most gruesome murderers, depicting them as blood-spattered chibis (cutesy anime mascots) and began LARPing online as a “Politically Radical Lolita”. At 33, Humber still hasn’t grown up or grown out of it. She still makes fangirl art for mass-murderers to court them as pen-pals. But now she goes even further by actively goading others into following the same path. 

Though most of her profiles have been removed from the social media sites she once frequented, a deep dive into the archives and public records revealed a trove of personally identifying information, insights into her personal life and a lot of gore fantasies over the past 20 years. 


From 2003-2006, Humber was active on sites like DeviantArt (DA) and LiveJournal (LJ)—early web outposts for artists, bloggers and angsty teens to share their work and find peers. Inevitably, she also frequented 4chan, as well as one of its spin-off sites, Gurochan, a clone of the board specifically for people interested in gore.

While she juggled various aliases across platforms, she made no real effort to truly be anonymous. She was known to many as “hopelessfangirl”, “Little Lolita”, “Reichsfuhrer D-chan”, “prettydictator” and “xNazixInjectionx”. But others knew her as simply ‘Dallas.’ She openly shared personally identifying information, such as her age and her date of birth, as well as the fact that she lived in Elk Grove, California and was a student at Laguna Creek High School. 

Her earliest posts were in a LiveJournal community called EGL – short for Elegant Gothic Lolitas. Gothic Lolita is an originally Japanese fashion subculture, but Humber’s interests quickly drifted from fashion to fascism. Between the ages of 13 to 16, Humber was regularly posting her neo-Nazi-inspired art and writings on her Deviantart profile and in her online journal that she titled, Diary of a Young National Socialist

Three screenshots showing Dallas Humber’s accounts as they appeared nearly 20 years ago. Her profiles provided personally identifying information including her age at the time (14), her birthdate (September 25, 1989) and current residence (Elk Grove, California). Her listed “favorites” include white-power and racist skinhead bands and Adolpf Hitler is listed as both her favorite artist and writer.  Her LiveJournal bio reads (in part): “Guten tag!I, I, D-chan, stand as Reichsführer and your lovely hostess. I'm a 14 year old National Socialist of German descent. I currently attend Laguna Creek High School, and I will be graduating next year. Once that is taken care of, I will be studying astrophysics at Cambridge University and eventually earning my doctorate. My other interests branch off into political science, sociology, psychoanalysis, astronomy, cosmology, theoretical physics, evolutionary science, quantum mechanics, historical revisionism, literary analysis, art, and advanced mathematics.” She signs off with a heart, her username (Reichsführer D-chan) and the number 1488. Just below that, she includes a series of links, which she titled: “Dallas-related links”.
 April – August 2004: Dallas Humber’s DeviantArt and LiveJournal profiles.

She was a founding member, moderator and active participant in communities such as loligoth, artpolitics and ANSU (American National Socialist Union). She used an odal rune adorned with the number “88” as her profile picture and enthusiastically signed-off on her comments with “Sieg Heil!” She split her time between discussing art and the predictable tropes of National Socialism. 

Why was she a Nazi at such a young age? Humber claimed she experienced “a brutal awakening” that led to a “drastic change in political beliefs”. Despite frequent questions from others, she never offered any further explanation. What she did offer was a self-righteous response in defense of her fascist beliefs:

 “I… will [not] end up like the ignorant kids you mentioned. Its these idiots who claim to be ‘neo-nazis’ who are the problem. Its nothing but a new form of rebellion for them, while for us it is a serious social and political belief. Vandalism is crime, crime corrodes the State and the community within the State, and thus it is sheer contradiction for a national socialist to engage in such activities…”

While a lot has changed since Humber first began espousing white supremacist rhetoric online, perhaps the greatest change in her ideology is her stance on “the State”, with her once full-fledged fascistic support of “the System” turning into calls to destroy it.

 Multiple screenshots from Telegram showing comments made by Dallas Humber as she blatantly supports and calls for acts of terror, which read:  December 28, 2022:  Comment 1: “If you don't see the million and one reasons why sabotage attacks are needed, you aren't an accelerationist and you don't understand how terrorism works.”  Comment 2: “The entire fucking system needs to burn. We can rebuild from the ashes. Nothing worthwhile can be salvaged from the rotting system that has been weaponized against us.”  Comment 3: “No single attack by a single individual is going to cause the entire system to collapse. And also, if you're hung up on how we look to our enemies you're playing a lost game. Think we'll “ look less bad” to our enemies if our guys conduct larger attacks with significant casualties? Our enemies will paint us as evil whether we [REDACT]  politicians, or slaughter dozens of racial enemies, or attack the power grid, or stand in the street “my peaceful protesting” like retards”.  January 3, 2023: “If two petty criminal tweakers can take out four substations in a day, imagine what an ambitious, fully radicalized Hard Reset and Make It Count reader like YOU could do! (smiley face)”  January 13, 2023: “Less threats, more bombings.”
A sample of Dallas Humber’s recent Telegram posts show that she doesn’t mince words– she wants to see others commit the very acts of terror she believes will cause “the System” to collapse.

Long before she was attempting to radicalize potential terrorists on Telegram, Humber was taking advantage of the opportunities that mainstream platforms provided her to espouse her newfound ideology to an audience who may not have otherwise been exposed to it. 

Unlike Telegram today, DeviantArt users did take issue with her evangelizing and recruiting for Nazism. Some recognized that the ANSU wasn’t an actual political organization, but a group created by edgy teenagers whose name was easily misread as “anus”. But others took issue with Humber herself — specifically with her alleged enthusiasm for shota—sexualized anime depictions of young boys. At one point, she was publicly called out for allegedly offering people access to her “shota gallery” that contained a half-gig worth of images, as well as a book she had planned to write about older men who were, in her view, tragically prevented from engaging in relationships with underaged boys. Humber at first denied the accusations, then pivoted to suggesting her account had been compromised. As pressure mounted, she eventually stopped responding altogether, and a year-long gap in her archived online activity suggests that she deleted many of her earliest posts despite being an avid user of the site.


But Nazi fan art was just one of Humbers online outlets.

At 14, she’d begun posting pictures of herself on the original thirst trap website HotOrNot, where random strangers rated the attractiveness of others. Soon after turning 15, she changed the tagline of her Deviant Art bio to “Darling Lolita of the Far Right”. A year later, her artwork had gotten so dark that other artists began asking “What’s up with all of the bleeding and gutted females in your gallery these days?” The bloody depictions of serial-killers-as-chibis she’d drawn suddenly seemed juvenile (and almost cute) in comparison to her new style of gore.

A screenshot from Deviant Art that includes a photo of Dallas Humber and her (then) current interests. The photo is a close-up of her face, unsmiling, with her heavily-lined eyes staring straight into the camera. To the right of her photo is text that reads: “Hopeless Fangirl. 16 years old. 156 centimeters. 39 kilograms. (roughly 5 feet tall and 85 pounds). Likes: Writing to serial killers, reading, guro, horror films, academics, guns, winning. Dislikes: open minds, cold weather, spontaneity, yaoi, most people ( especially women).” Below this, additional information is listed which includes: Current age: 16. Current Residence: Elk Grove, California. Interests: Art, criminology, ball-jointed dolls, and horror films.
November 2005: Dallas Humber’s DeviantArt profile showing that the then 16-year-old’s interests included: Writing letters to serial killers, gore, dolls, gore, guns, gore, white-power music and more gore.

By now her neo-Nazi and ‘lolita’ identities were beginning to fuse. She began creating even more online communities, with names like Fascistic Beauties and Fascistic Frills. The forums may have sounded like trad wife training camps, but they aimed to blend fascism with femininity for girls who, like her, considered themselves “Politically Radical Lolitas.” The communities also provided her with the opportunity to develop her skills in exerting social control over others, a pattern that continues to the present. Humber rarely involves herself in online communities run by others.

A screenshot from Dallas Humber’s Deviant Art profile showing an updated tagline, “Darling Lolita of the Far Right”, a post with a series of 12 images depicting a storyline for her dolls and a journal entry that talks about her dolls and the weekend she spent at a gun show in Reno.
November 2005: Dallas Humber posted about her love of dolls and guns on her DeviantArt profile.

Many of her online journal entries during this period were just the random musings and moments of an American teenager, but others showed increasing distance from her peers.

Instead of TV shows, Humber was obsessed with her dolls. She played with them, moderated forums dedicated to them and apparently created storylines for them that were based on fantasies so grotesque that she found herself ostracized from a large part of the doll fanatic community. 

Instead of concerts, Humber favored conferences sponsored by the Institute for Historical Review, an organization with a long history of promoting Holocaust denial under the guise of “academic research.” 

While most of her peers spent their free time and summers focused on anything but academics, Humber spent much of hers geeking out on calculus, reading manuals on quantum mechanics and taking AP and college-level courses. Her claim of having an IQ of 187 couldn’t be independently verified, but her intelligence is not in dispute. At the age of 15, Humber was among a small group of high school students chosen to compete in the Student Launch Initiative, a NASA-conducted engineering design challenge. Her team, comprised entirely of AP Physics students, won the national championship that year. Despite this impressive feat, she never went on to achieve her goal of attending Cambridge University to pursue a doctorate in astrophysics.

A group of nine people are posing for a picture in an open field. Directly in front of them in the center of the image is a tall, thin rocket. Dallas Humber is the second from the right. She’s wearing blue jeans and a black sweater adorned with gold appliques and oversized multi-colored jewels. She has shoulder length blonde hair and is making a double handed “victory” gesture.
April 2005: Dallas Humber (age 15) with her high school Rocketry Team in Huntsville, Alabama | Photo Credit: NASA

In mid-2006, Humber abruptly stopped posting in her usual forums. It would be a year and a half before she returned, and when she finally did, it was with a bizarre story: she’d had a fiancé, but he had left her for an e-girl. Then her mother, who Humber had said had no problem with her daughter’s enthusiasm for Nazism, had unexpectedly kicked her out of the house on her 18th birthday 

She claimed that it was these two life-shattering events that prevented her from attending college on a full-ride scholarship. Instead of living in a college dorm and pursuing her degree in astrophysics, the self-described “respectable 18 year old” had suddenly found herself homeless. While claiming to be in a position where she was unable to care for her own basic needs, she also said that she had become responsible for keeping three young children “warm, fed and clothed”, a role she never explained. 

After asking for the art community’s help, she disappeared as quickly as she’d come. This time, it would be almost seven years before she reemerged. 

Dallas Humber is pictured sitting in front of a wooden fence. She is wearing a beanie cap and her hair is significantly longer than the previous picture. Her eyes are closed and her face is on the verge of being scrunched up, and there is a dog in the forefront of the picture staring directly at her. The dog's face is blurred to protect their privacy.
December 2007: Dallas Humber (age 18) shared a current photo of herself in her last DeviantArt journal entry as “hopelessfangirl”. Dog’s face blurred for privacy.


The years between Dallas Humber’s disappearance and return to social media could be considered the intermediary phase between teenage neo-Nazi and full-fledged accelerationist. In that seven year period, her entire life had changed course – and none of it was for the better.

In 2014, the former “hopeless fangirl” returned to her internet stomping grounds. As she made her obligatory reintroductions on DeviantArt and Gurochan, she signed off on her posts with nods to her former monikers, “hopelessfangirl” and “lilloli” (short for “Little Lolita”), and a slight variation of the name she’s known by today: “lil miss gorehound”. 

The should-be astrophysicist’s return to the online art scene coincided with her debut in a different realm, one where she became known as “Tex.” “Little Lolita” was now hawking used lululemon after setting up shop on Poshmark. But she wasn’t just selling overpriced leggings and bedazzled jeans – she was also selling dildos. As “Tex Hunter” the sex toy reviewer, Humber made videos from her dining room giving tips, tricks and coupon codes to her viewers.

A series of four images from an adult website. The first is a screenshot of Dallas Humber’s author bio, which reads: “ABOUT AUTHOR. Tex Hunter. Hi, I'm Tex! ~ I've been married for 6yrs and we've never gotten bored with each other. What's our secret? A kinky, adventurous and sexually uninhibited relationship. Sex toys are one of many ways we spice things up and keep things interesting. I love new toys and I love spreading the word when I find a great product! Check out my videos at SexToysRatings.com!”
The second screenshot shows her seated in what appears to be her dining room, holding the “Blue Glass Swirl 4-Way” dildo and looking just past the camera. She’s wearing a spaghetti strap tank top and a thick chain necklace. She has bleached platinum hair with half-inch dark roots. The next screenshot shows her in the same location, only this time she’s added roughly 5 inches of blue dye to the ends of her hair and she’s holding a purple “silicone bounding bunny” sex toy. In the second image, it’s very obvious that her earlobes are split from the lobule to the intertragic notch. The fourth image is a screenshot of a reply made by Dallas to a commenter on her video, which reads:” Congratulation Sandra for having this vibrator as your first toy. (winky face)  and please remember, do not use silicone lube with your silicone toys because they will melt and that would be bad.”
2014: At the same time she reemerged as “lil miss gorehound” in the online art world, Dallas Humber took on another persona: “Tex Hunter”, the sex toy tester. The URL for her featured photo even included her full name.

After her attempt to kick off an “internet resurgence”, Humber eventually offered a vague explanation for her long absence from the forum:

“I’m so glad to be back! And glad to be drawing whatever I want again! (for stupid complicated reasons I had to be offline and censored for some years)“

As it turns out, those “stupid” and “complicated” reasons were neither stupid nor complicated. Humber had actually gotten herself into some legal trouble, and the years she’d spent “offline and censored” were actually spent in court-ordered diversion programs.

Public records show that in 2008 Humber was arrested for burglary and charged with a slew of additional offenses including receiving/concealing stolen property, possessing a forged I.D., giving false information to a police officer, resisting/obstructing a police officer and evasion/wanton disregard for safety. She was arrested again in 2012, this time for possession of a controlled substance. 

A series of three images of Dallas Humber and Jason Gant. In the first image, the couple is sitting together on a couch. Gant is wearing a white shirt and glasses and Humber is wearing a dark purple sweater. The couple has matching bleach blonde hair, with Gant wearing his close cropped and Humber either sporting an extra long shag cut or ill-fitted extensions with bangs. The other two images show the couple at a wedding. Humber is wearing a thick chain necklace and a lace dress and Gant is wearing a suit. In one photo, the two are seated and leaning into one another. In the other, Humber stands behind Gant and places her arm around him in a possessive stance.
Dallas Humber with her long-term boyfriend Jason Gant in 2012 (top left) and 2016 (bottom left, right)

Both times Dallas Humber was arrested, she was booked alongside Jason James Gant (aka: Jason Gant Rau). Gant is Humber’s long-term boyfriend whom she’s been in a relationship with since she was 18 and he was 30. 

He’s also a registered sex offender. 

A Series of 5 mugshots showing Jason Gant throughout the years. In the first two images, he is sporting bleach blonde hair and glasses. In the third image, his face has pick marks and his eyes are bloodshot. In the last two photos, he is visibly aging and his facial hair has been grown out quite a bit longer than he’d previously worn it.
2010 – Present: A sampling of Jason James Gant’s mugshots and sex offender registry photos.

Gant has racked up multiple arrests and charges over the years, the most serious of which was for possession of child sexual abuse material (CSAM, commonly referred to as “child pornography”) depicting children under the age of 14. According to a February 2010 article in the Elk Grove Citizen, Jason Gant was arrested when the contents of his laptop were discovered to contain roughly 100 different video files, five of which clearly depicted CSAM when previewed by the investigators who were serving a search warrant at his residence. When Gant was arrested, he and Humber were living with her mother and he was on probation for felony charges stemming from the couple’s 2008 arrests. 

An image showing Dallas Humber posing for a selfie. She appears very young in the photo. Her hair is platinum blonde and long, and she is wearing very thick black eyeliner on her upper lids and below her waterline.
May 2009: Dallas Humber in a Facebook photo posted by Jason Gant.

It’s likely that Humber’s extended online hiatus was as much about laying low on behalf of her pedophile boyfriend as it was to keep herself in the good graces of the court. 


By the time Dallas Humber did finally re-emerge online, her earlier interest in guro art had become a full-blown gore fetish. In its purest form, guro is meant to simultaneously evoke a sense of eroticism and grotesqueness. It’s meant to make the viewer uncomfortable. At its worst, it can only be described as “hentai snuff.” 

Nearly all of her art from this period features abused women. LCRW has chosen not to share the images as they depict scenes of torture, dismemberment, and explicit sexual violence. For the most part, the only women that aren’t being subjected to violence and brutality are perpetuating it – against other women. The men, however, are portrayed as strong, powerful and heroic. 

Perhaps most disturbing are the self-portraits and artistic renderings of women who bear a very close resemblance to the artist herself (as much as an anime figure can, anyway). Their bodies are covered in bruises, burns and scars – markings that bear a very close resemblance to the artist’s own. What this says about Humber’s psychological state or any unknown history of abuse isn’t for LCRW to speculate. But the internalized misogyny Humber portrays in her art is a root cause of the violent, white-supremacist ideology she espouses. 

Three screenshots from Dallas Humber’s second Deviant Art profile. Her profile picture is two kittens drawn by Lisa Frank (a popular children’s artist from the 90’s). Her profile displays 15 of the 19 of the communities she’d joined, all of which are for hentai and gore fans. It also shows that one of her most recent works of art was censored as age-restricted content. The other is a self portrait, which depicts the artist in anime-style with choppy blonde hair, childlike facial features and exaggerated body proportions. She is wearing tiny black shorts on her exaggeratedly long and thin legs, and a cropped tank top partially covering her impossibly small waist which has a deep, vertical line extending upward from her navel. She has numerous bruises on her body, with double black eyes and a busted lip.
2014: Dallas Humber’s “lil-miss-gorehound” DeviantArt profile featured a self-portrait drawn the year prior (which is tame by her standards), censored art and some of the hentai and gore fetish communities she had joined. 

In 2015, Humber announced a big project she’d been working on for the past year: She was writing and illustrating her first novel. What she described as a 200,000 word book about the voluntary executioners of World War II appears to have been nothing more than a glorified comic book. 

It’s unclear if she ever finished her “novel”, but the little that remains online is bizarre. The plot involves a very juvenile love story (or rather, an affair) between two members of the Einsatzgruppen, whose infatuation grows deeper as they carry out acts of torture and genocide. Humber gleefully depicts the Nazi death squad murdering women and children. Notably, the only female main character is driven purely by her inherently violent nature. 

A hand-drawn image sits inside a blue frame. On the right is an anime-style self-portrait of the artist depicted as a mermaid. She has long brown hair fixed into two French braids, a shiny blue fin and a long, deep vertical scar is seen extending from her navel to her black seashell bralette.  Across the top, written in white handwriting are the words: “Meet MissGorehound! (Smiley face) 2019.”  On the left, the text reads: “30 years old. USA. The sign for “female” and “Libra”. 5 feet, 3 inches. INTJ. Married. Artist and Author.”  Directly underneath are two side-by-side lists depicting her “likes” and “dislikes”.  The left list reads: “Hella into: Brutal history, horror/gore, true crime, politics, World War Two, thrifting, original content, guns, dark humor, edgy memes, free speech (followed by three exclamation marks), cats and cute shit, nationalism and traditionalism.”  The right side reads: “Hell no: PC BS, SJW’s, antifa, internet censorship, globalism, leftism, getting zucced constantly, normies, flaggots, punk-ass bitch behavior.”
2019: Dallas Humber was hella into “brutal history” and “edgy memes”. “punkass bitch behavior”, not so much.


In late 2019, after multiple bans from mainstream social media sites, Dallas Humber joined the ranks of deplatformed social media users who had migrated to Telegram, the Russian social media platform with little moderation. She wasted no time before creating her own channel: MissGorehoundArt. Her channel initially shared content created by her and other fascist artists within Telegram’s far-right network. During this time she tried to bring the farthest of Telegram’s far-right visual artists together into a collective called Right Wing Art Squad (RWAS)—the name an obvious nod to “right wing death squads” (a phrase the far-right has been less-than-cleverly playing on for years.) 

In August 2020, RWAS was cited in the academic journal Social Sciences. The article, “Women in the Extreme and Radical Right: Forms of Participation and Their Implications”, explores the various roles women have taken within right-wing extremist (RWE) movements. The article describes Humber and other members of RWAS as “promoters” of right wing extremist content.

Just a month earlier, RWAS was cited in the Telegram Briefing put out by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights organization. Humber’s channel and art were featured twice, both times in relation to the deification of mass shooters. The briefing included an undated post from the MissGorehoundArt channel that shows part of a letter written to her by white supremacist mass murderer Dylann Roof. Roof, in his correspondence with Humber, personally requested that she draw him “a wizard with mean/unfriendly eyebrows”. Humber was quick to oblige, sending the imprisoned mass-murderer a piece of custom fan-art: A wizard with furrowed brows and a stylized swastika on his paper bag-like robes. 

Two side-by-side screenshots from a Telegram channel called Miss Gorehound Art. The image on the left shows a post that includes three images. The first is an anime-style self-portrait which shows Dallas Humber with long brown hair with two french braids and wearing a gray shirt. She is waving “hello”, and a speech bubble, which is partially cut-off, has the words, “Hi! Want to be penpals?” written inside. On the top right is the full, hand-written letter (detailed below). In the bottom right image, the words, “Wishing you the best” are written in black and green.”  The image on the right shows a post that includes a black and white sketched wizard at the top and a hand-written note at the bottom. The wizard has a long, white beard and is wearing a floppy hat and baggy robes adorned with a “broken sun cross”, a Nazi symbol that resembles the traditional swastika but has curved edges.  The handwritten note at the bottom of the image reads: “If you haven’t started something already, how about a wizard with mean/unfriendly eyebrows or a dragon? Or an unfriendly I brought Wizard riding a dragon? It’d probably be best to do them”. The text is abruptly cut off at this point.
 Dallas Humber sent letters and pictures to her potential prison penpal, but she didn’t stop there— in true fangirl fashion, she also narrated his “jail journals”.

It’s unclear how frequently she and Roof communicated, but Humber had initiated contact with Roof five months prior to the published report. In a Telegram post from mid-February 2020, she shared her initial letter to him, which reads:

“Dear Dylann, I wanted to send you a Christmas card, but I couldn’t find your contact info… Anyway, I finally got it! Rather than wait a whole year to send you something next Christmas, I thought it’d be nice to send you a “just because” card now + at least reach out to you. I’m sure you get a ton of letters from a ton of people, but if you’re interested, I’d love to be your penpal! We haven’t gotten to know each other yet (obv) but I think we’d get along well. I’m an artist and I’d be happy to draw stuff for you — whatever you want, just ask! 🙂 Hope you’re doing well. Best of luck on your appeal. Stay strong + keep your head up, brother! Talk to you soon?”

Roof wasn’t the only terrorist she’s attempted to become penpals with—he just happens to be the only one known to have responded. Researchers from the White Rose Society in Australia reached out to LCRW and provided additional information about Humber, which included letters she sent to two additional mass-murderers shortly after initiating contact with Roof. The letters posted on Instagram were accompanied by the caption:

“It doesn’t hurt to ask, and I’m going to the post office anyway… I sketched these cards when I sketched Dylann’s, finally found time to finish them. I sent them both Christmas cards but haven’t formally proposed penpalship, so keep your fingers crossed for me frens”

 A series of three images show Dallas Humber’s letters to two other mass-murderers. The top left image shows an anime-style self-portrait that’s nearly identical to the one she sent to Dylan’s Roof.  The top right image shows the letter she wrote to Brenton Tarrant, which is almost verbatim to the letter she sent to Roof with the exception of the text at the very bottom, which reads: “PS: I sent you a Christmas card last year. I hope you received and enjoyed it!”  The image on the bottom shows the letter she wrote to Zander’s Breivik. Again, her letter contains almost identical wording as the other two, with the exception of a specific offer to draw this mass-murderer some of his World of Warcraft characters.
 Dallas Humber’s letters to imprisoned mass-murderers read like a boilerplate “penpalship proposal”.

Less than a day after attempting to become penpals with Dylann Roof, Dallas Humber announced that a new audiobook project was underway. Her newest endeavor involved narrating a dreary 1,500 page manifesto written by Anders Brievik, a white supremacist who massacred 77 people in 2011. Why she chose such a massive undertaking as her first audio project is unknown, but the fact that she felt compelled to invest so much time and energy into the project shows a level of commitment that shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Since then, she’s rebranded as “Right Wing Book Club” (RWBC) and managed to carve out a niche for herself, mostly by lending her lackluster voice to the nihilistic network’s propaganda in an attempt to further radicalize a new generation of “terror bros.” She reads instructional guides in an attempt to prime and prepare potential “lone wolves”. And, of course, she’s added many more mass-murderer manifestos to her collection of audiobooks, which she refers to as “the gospels”. 


Humber’s rise through the ranks of Terrorgram brought her further into the fold of online extremists and put her in direct contact with Nazis like Luke Kenna, Michael Brown Jr., Brian Tierney and Atomwaffen (AWD) founder Brandon Russell– all of whom were arrested in the past few months. While these four Americans weren’t arrested solely for their involvement in inciting acts of terrorism, some of their European counterpartshave been convicted for the same activities that Humber engages in.

Kenna, Brown and Tierney, all of whom were directly connected to the Terrorgram network and ran their own small cells or tactical training groups, are currently facing federal charges for their roles in a botched bank robbery plan. Russell was arrested alongside his girlfriend, Sarah Clendaniel after planning to attack Baltimore’s power grid–in front of an FBI agent. His latest arrest came only 18-months after he’d been released from a prior prison term after having served 4 years of an initial 5 year sentence for possessing illegal weapons and bomb-manufacturing materials. 

A recent SPLC article showed that Russell had spent his post-release period secretly organizing and propagandizing for neo-Nazi causes. Like Humber, Russell aggressively promoted Terrorgram propaganda. He was also active in many of the same chats as Humber, including one she owned: “Cats Enjoyers Anonymous.” On more than one occasion, Humber and Russell joined Telegram chats immediately after one another. In one instance, Russell joined a chat shortly after Humber began engaging with another member, and the pair engaged in what appeared to be a tag-team sales approach to push their propaganda onto a potential sympathizer. In another instance, a chat member asked if Humber planned to narrate more propaganda. Russell chimed in and answered for Humber before she even answered for herself. 

In the weeks leading up to Russell’s most recent arrest, Humber posted messages gloating and taunting about the lack of leads in the recent substation attack in Moore County, North Carolina. While the culprits are still at large and their motives remain unknown, right wing terror’s favorite ideologues like James Mason have long advocated for infrastructure attacks. Immediately after Russell was arrested, Humber was seen defending him and AWD and posting about how much she “loves [her] terror bros”. The day after Russell’s charging documents were unsealed, it was back to terror-posting as usual for Humber, who was encouraging anyone who might heed her message to film themselves as they commit mass-murder:

“It’s been way too long since we’ve had a LIVESTREAM TO REMEMBER…

YOU could change that, if you wanted to…

Be the change, Brother.

Break the monotony.

Give us something to celebrate.


Nazism is a cult for people for people who are dead inside. Those who adhere to it worship death and whitewash failure. Throughout her life, Dallas Humber has chosen to go out of her way for violent failures of men, from her pedophile boyfriend to the Nazis she tries to cultivate online. Luke Kenna, the Church of Aryanity member who LCRW previously covered, got caught with body armor and a ghost gun during a routine traffic stop. Kenna, Brian Tierney and Michael J. Brown thought pretending their armed robbery plot was a screenplay they were writing together would fool the cops if they were found out. It didn’t. Brandon Russell did four years for getting caught plotting terror then bragged about a plan to commit more terror to an FBI informant after he got out. Even “martyrs” like the Tepláreň shooter didn’t achieve the kind of violence they really wanted and wound up dying just like Hitler—a loser whose story ended with a brief flash of lead and cordite. 

But sometimes, as was the case with the Tepláreň shooter, their failures are still deadly—and Humber wants to push more men like that over a murderous ledge.


SoCal Research Club is an independent research cooperative monitoring far-right extremism in Southern California, with a focus on local active clubs, neo-Nazi crews and affiliated hate groups, their online spaces and the connections between broader extremist networks. 

You can find them on Twitter @SCResearchClub.


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